Match: Velatha the Infiltrator vs. Herja the Valkyrie!

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Match: Velatha the Infiltrator vs. Herja the Valkyrie!

Post by Phantompen on Sun Jun 22, 2014 3:24 pm

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have a wonderful show in store for you today!" Boomed the announcer's voice. "Our competitors today could barely be more different. One, a vile criminal plucked from the streets of our fair city, the other, an imposing figure claiming to be from another world!"

The gates on the East and West ends of the Arena floor opened up. From the western gate, a slight figure clad in leather black as night stepped onto the sands. On her hips were two wicked looking daggers, their steel shining in the sun.

"First, the criminal! Velatha Rainsinger!" the announcer cried. The crowd met this with a mix of cheers and jeers. Clearly, the elf's popularity was mixed.

"And next, the striking figure known to us as Herja the Valkyrie!" the announcer shouted, gesturing to the eastern gate. If the crowd had been mixed on Velatha, they seemed to love Herja. Cheers, whistles, and even praise could be heard. It certainly helped that Herja seemed to look every part the warrior.

Velatha's eyes widened as she saw her opponent. "I'm supposed to fight that?! How's this fair?! She... she's a wall with tits!"

Initiative Roll:
Velatha: 7+3=10
Herja: 3+1=4
Velatha gets the first attack.

((Alright. Now the other player can post up their character's introduction. Then the fight will begin.))


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