Arena Sponsor--Brandywine Bogkins

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Arena Sponsor--Brandywine Bogkins

Post by Myds6 on Sat Jan 23, 2016 8:12 pm

The ripped bodice has a little secret. Next to no one knows who owns or manages the place. Sure Buxom Belle seems to deal with managing the servers, and for the last few years Niniane handled security, but clearly both these women are employees of some shadowy mistress who is only spoken of as "the Management."

In truth, the Bodice is owned and operated from its back rooms by one Brandywine Bogkins, a name that is almost never heard, even among those who work for her. Brandywine is a halfling, and like her people, enjoys the simple comforts of life. She's also just a little over three feet tall. Beyond that, the similarities end. She takes love of comfort to a hedonistic level. If one were to look at her balance books, you'd think she was a dwarf. Brandywine always does what's best for business, unless, perhaps, it conflicts with her other favorite interest.

Brandywine used to be an adventurer just like you, until she took an arrow to the knee. Her wound healed successfully, but that arrow had been shot by what was until that moment, the luckiest band of bandits ever. They had been robbing the roads for a few years, somehow managing to avoid capture. But when they tried to rob a halfling rogue, their luck changed. Brandy took cover, made a tourniquet out of the arrow and the ribbon that was holding back her hair, and went after her assailants. Even with the injured leg, Brandywine managed to dispose of them, and found that they had stored several chests of booty in the cave they were using as their hideout.

On reaching town, she rented a cart before even seeking medical care, and retrieved the treasure, hiding it under a load of firewood the bandits had been storing. Witht his gold, she paid the best healer in Enferia to heal her leg, then pondered what to do with the money. Given her proclivities, owning a tavern or inn might be the msot satisfying respite from being a rogue travelling the land in search of the fortune she had already found.

Under Brandywine's ownership for the last decade, the Bodice has prospered. Her excellent ideas such as happy hour, and selling small, spiced bits of chicken served by buxom waitresses for half price on Tuesdays have tripled profits. To those few that know her, she is an exacting mistress. She wants what's best for business, no matter how inconvenient that might be for her employees, or how morally grey it becomes.

No one, however, knows the true Brandywine. In fact, her strongest personality trait, hidden behind her businesslike facade, is her perversion. Brandy had always been interested in men, women, halflings, humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, fauni, kobolds, ogres, and what have you. In addition to her love of nudity, bondage, and spankings, she greatly enjoys tickling people and watching them be tickled. She also has a thing for feet and shoes, which, if you think about it, is a good fetish for someone barely a yard from the floor.

Years ago, a travelling wizard came to the Bodice. Through his insistence, and an impressive display of magic, he managed to garner an audience with the owner. She was skeptical at first, but ended up paying a huge sum for a surveillance system. Now, each guest room at the bodice has a "node." There are about a dozen in the more public areas of the tavern. These look like everyday objects, and function as them, but also magically transmit an image of what's going on around them to a scrying stone on Brandywine's desk. She uses these to help with "security," but, if one were to search her desk, they'd find a locked drawer full of her favorite toys to use while "monitoring" her establishment. No one has seen these, though, as due to her wealth and roguish background, she has constructed a complex series of booby traps for those who enter her offices unbidden. There is a lever she can pull to disarm these traps, but she spends most of her time in her lavish suite of offices (complete with a hot tub fed by pipes from a thermal spring!) and she sleeps in her adjacent, well-appointed quarters.

Brandywine learns a lot of secrets from having such an advanced "security" system in a place where people meet to converse, often oversharing due to intoxication. In fact, she'll send notes to teh servers out front to keep refilling the drinks of those who are spouting valuable information that she can leverage, or just keep until it becomes useful.

Brandywine is very short, but rather voluptuous for her size, with large hips and breasts and a thin waist, and red heair that judging from ehr eyebrows, might be dyed. She is incredibly agile, and her movements are graceful, but often overly proud or showy.


Influence: 3 (She has no fame to speak of, as she's secretive, but she knows some things about a few important people.)
Wealth: 7 (Her wealth has actually grown since buying the Bodice a decade ago.)
Cunning: 6 (she has very good intel on bodice customers)
Magic: 2 (a few small artifacts that a rogue could use)

Personal Stats:

(Rolls: 8,8,1,10,6,5,3,6,4,4)
Strength: 4
Dexterity: 10
Constitution: 5
Speed: 8
Wisdom: 4
Perception: 6
Intelligence: 5
Charisma: 8


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