Jallan vs. Alexia

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Re: Jallan vs. Alexia

Post by Phantompen on Mon May 02, 2016 3:37 pm

"My my... I do believe you're getting wet." Alexia teased, wiggling the fingers inside Jallan. "What a naughty girl. Does this excite you? All these people watching you get fingered?"

Alexia rose to her feet, pulling her fingers free of Jallan's crotch in the process. Standing aside, she allowed the viewing sphere to fly in close and project the sight of Jallan's naked body to the entire arena. With a cruel chuckle, Alexia wiped her soaked fingers across Jallan's face, streaking the duelist's own wetness across her features as she stepped behind her.

Alexia knelt down behind Jallan and grasped the duelist's thighs. Pulling her legs apart, Alexia bared Jallan's pink treasure for the viewing sphere as she leaned in to whisper into the woman's ear.

"Tell me. No, tell -us-, everyone here. Tell us what a naughty girl you are. How much you enjoy being humiliated." Alexia hissed into Jallan's ear. "Tell us what you think about when you touch yourself."


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Re: Jallan vs. Alexia

Post by splotch on Thu May 05, 2016 5:12 pm

"I.. I.. I think about the arena." Jallan whispered. The viewfinder also amplified her voice through the arena.

"When you touch yourself?" Alexia asked.

"Y...yes." Jallan whispered. She was having an almost out of body experience. She was so humiliated that she felt detached from her body and actions. "I think about all the women I've stripped... and all the times I've been stripped."

"You think about parading around your body to countless hundreds, like some shameless trollop?" Alexia asked.

"YES!" Jallan suddenly yelled. "Yes! It's so hot! Now touch me, touch me more!" She laid back, thrusting her crotch forward. "Please touch me!"

Lillith smiled. Her demonic nature allowed her to feed on negative feelings. Jallan's humiliating confessions were so strong it was like a feast! She started feeling aroused herself. Unaware she was rubbing her inner thighs through her dress. Poog looked over, raising an eyebrow at his mistress while smiling...


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Re: Jallan vs. Alexia

Post by splotch on Sat May 28, 2016 3:27 pm


Alexia was walking through the barracks of the fighters of the Arena. Her mind kept wandering back to the fight earlier that day. Seeing Jallan, spread eagle, touching herself, screaming about her own voyeur fantasies... the memory gave her chills. She had won so thoroughly!

Suddenly a child stood before the distracted Alexia. A child? What would one be doing here? And such a strange looking child, with red eyes and jagged, sharp teeth...

"Please come with me." Poog said, beckoning her forward.

"What? Where?" Alexia asked, confused.

"Someone's hurt! Come this way!" Poog said, rushing away. Alexia hurried after him. He led her down the hall, then through an open door. Strange. All the doors here were normally locked, to prevent the fighters from escaping! Alexia went through the door after Poog. On the other side Lillith waited calmly.

"Are you injured?" Alexia asked, confused. "He said someone is hurt!"

"No one is hurt." Lillith spoke. "Yet."

With that her eyes flared red. Alexia froze, instantly under Lillith's dark powers.

"You will be my secret weapon in the arena." Lillith spoke. "I embude you with my powers. You will act as my envoy, stripping and exposing the weak. We will both grow in power as you humiliate those you come against. I grant you great strength."

When Lillith said this Alexia's flared red hot. Then, all the muscles on her body hardened.

"I also give you the secret gift of fire, to burn away the clothes of your enemies... and mine."

Fire flowed from Lillith's fingers. The fire encircled Alexia, then flowed in through her mouth, fillin her with flaming energy.

"You will serve me, though you will not remember me." Lillith commanded. "But, when you hear my voice in my mind, you will obey it. Our fates are sealed. Your victories are my victories. Your loses my loses. Go forth and never loose!"

With that Lillith backed into the shadows, disappearing. Poog did the same. Alexia stood, staring blankly for a moment. Then, she snapped out of it. Where was that child? Had there been someone else here? A.. a woman?

She shook her head. Oh well. Who cared? She'd just won in the Arena! Besides that, she felt great! Stronger, faster then ever. She was actually excited for her next fight!

(Hope this doesn't mess up your character, just wanted to finish out the bet part of the match, seemed like a fun idea. Hope your down for some demonically possessed Alexia in the future!)


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Re: Jallan vs. Alexia

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