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Name: Marquesa Anastase Deslys

Race: Human

Age: A lady doesn't tell

Face: Heart shaped, always dark eye makeup, angled eyebrows.

Hair: Long, black, with bangs.

Body: Tall, large, and on the heavy side, with wide hips.

Clothes: Expensive noble clothes.

Weapon: Wand.


The Marquesa was born to a noble family that was on its way down.  They were losing their money, and had very little social standing.  She took it upon herself at a very young age to change that.  She studied magic vigorously.

She always felt all eyes on her, and in noble settings, those eyes were judging her, deeming her unworthy of their company.  It didn't help that she was rather tall for a woman; it intimidated some of the shorter men around her, and drew ridicule from the women.  She was incredibly aware of the social pecking order, and sought to discover a way to manipulate it.  Magic would be her tool.

She found the magics she could study a little too unsubtle for working her way up socially, so she was always looking for new disciplines.  She studied the elements, telekinesis, and even necromancy.  Most of these did her little good against her social rivals.  That was when she started to study infernal magic.  To do so, she had to make a pact with a  demon queen.  It was a high price to pay, but she gained access to magics more powerful than she had found elsewhere, and some that were more subtle.

With her demonic magic, she was able to subtly influence those around her.  The magic she had learned from books seemed like a blunt instrument, better suited to battlefields than noble dinner parties.  But the subtle demonic magic worked slowly.  In time, she had built a reputation, and a fortune, a huge mansion and an army of devoted servants.  Yet, she always found herself wanting more.  Some of the nobles still looked at her the way they did before she learned magic, and those who looked at her differently mostly did so because of fear.

It was to address this problem that she visited a fortuneteller one day.  Once there, she paid for her fortune, but she was more interested in a magic item the fortuneteller had--a small nettle crown.  She returned by night and stole the crown.  The fairy controlled by this crown was just what she had wanted--a way to impress those who liked her and punish those who didn't, without making a trail of corpses that led back to her.

For years, she controlled the social scene of the nobles.  Until the fateful day when that horrible duchess and her small army of adventurers stole the crown and broke it.  They took her down, humiliated her, and had her thrown into this prison and arena.  She would pay every last one of them back, and the fairy, as well.

Stats: Rolls: 8,6,7,2,9,8,4,1,1,6
Speed- 7

Intelligence- 9
Wisdom- 8
Charisma- 6


Magic--she can cast basic, nonspecialized magic.

Infernal Pact--she has access to demonic magic, although she must obey the demon queen she is sworn to, unless she wants to lose these powers and suffer quite a bit.

Critical--She knows your insecurities and how to capitalize on them instinctively.  If she beats you in a charisma check, you pause for the next round while the hurt of her comment sinks in.

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