Arena Sponsor--Duchess Chorinna

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Arena Sponsor--Duchess Chorinna Empty Arena Sponsor--Duchess Chorinna

Post by Myds6 on Sat Sep 17, 2016 7:21 am

Name: Duchess Chorinna

Race: Human

Age: Not telling

Face: Round with dark eyes and delicate features

Hair: Chin-length and dark

Body: Pear-shaped

Clothes: Fancy noble clothes

Weapon: No

Bio: Duchess Chorinna, as one might guess from the title, is a noble. She's well off, seen in the right social circles and like well-enough by most of the other nobles. On the other hand, she's always discoursing about some lost magical artifact, and spoiling everyone's buzz.

In fact, what sets the duchess apart from the other nobles is that she is a scholar of magical artifacts. She studies what they do, how they are used, and where they were last seen. But she isn't much of a mage, not an archaeologist, and certainly not an adventurer, so practically none of this material ever sees action.

What is not known to anyone is that she has a very important magic item. It's a book that gives information on magic items. The book is enchanted so that changes to an item's ownership or location may come to be reflected in its pages. It's even kept up-to-date on new magical artifacts.

The biggest exception to her interest in magical artifacts not turning into action was the Sylvan Crown, an entry that had only been in the book for a little over a decade. She hired a group of adventurers to retrieve it from the Marquesa's mansion during one of her annual parties. It was a risky mission, and both the Duchess and the adventurers suffered a great deal of pain and humiliation to complete it. In the end, the Duchess actually had the magic item in her hand. It was a dream come true. But when that evil Marquesa suggested it would corrupt her until she was just like her nemesis, the Duchess broke the crown, and set the fairy free. Oddly enough, the fairy wants revenge for that act. Come to think of it, so does the Marquesa, and the Fortune-Teller.

This event got Chorinna's mind racing ahead. She'd find adventurers, start a working relationship with them, and send them to retrieve lost magical items. But how would someone like her meet adventurers? For one, she'd watch the battles in the arena. She'd also frequent the tavern where she heard the contestants are known to drink. It was settled, she'd get some adventurers on her side by sponsoring them in the arena, and get them to fetch lost magical items from places too dangerous for her to go to.

Resources :
Influence : 5 She's a noble, who is seen at the right noble events.
Wealth : 6 Even for the nobility, she's loaded.
Magic : 3 She has more of a library about magic items than actual magic items.
Reputation : 4 Lots of people know who she is.

(Rolls : 2,8,2,5,4,10,7,5,1,9)
Strength: 5
Dexterity: 2
Constitution: 5
Speed: 4

Wisdom: 8
Perception: 9
Intelligence: 10

Skills: Knows an awful lot about magic items. And etiquette. No good at fighting, knowledge of magic is theoretical. If presented with a magic book or spell, she can read it. If she tries to cast it, she does so with a 20% chance of fizzling, and another 20% chance of having it backfire in some way. She knows this is not a great idea, but would try in a pinch. She can use any magic item for any class, again with a 10% chance of nothing happening and a 10% chance of unexpected results.

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