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Post by Myds6 on Mon Sep 19, 2016 5:06 pm

Name: Marisol Mate

Race: Human


Face: Marisol has a proud face. She is fond of makeup, and uses it with very little subtlety.

Hair: Long and dark.

Body: not what you'd guess from her armored appearance.

Bio: Marisol's career is no more or less remarkable than that of any mercenary. She was born to a family of Almeridan immigrants to Enferia. They had come to Enferia as merchants, but their financial fortuned turned sour. They talked of returning to Almerida, but they could barely afford passage on a ship. From a young age, Marisol wanted to be a knight, and her family used whatever resources they had to help her get some of the training she needed, in spite of their uneasiness with the idea of her choosing such a dangerous life. When she was old enough, she joined the army, where she distinguished herself early in military skills and disciplines, especially with the longsword. She was hoping for a position in the Queensguard, but kept getting passed over for promotion by those whose family carried more fame and military tradition. Finally, she gave up--she could not wait for promotion any longer. A Marquesa who lived in an impressive castle was looking for a chief bodyguard and captain for her security team. Marisol left the army and took the job. It paid better than the army. She would never be a Queensguard, but still ran the guard of an entire castle, and protected a noblewoman.

Marisol wasn't prepared for how things worked in the Marquesa's house. Bad things were always happening to guests, and she could neither prevent these things or understand exactly how they happened. That was until one fateful night where she met Feather Firebrand face to face. But that is another story. Marisol was uncomfortable at first with the Marquesa's less-than-honorable ways, but she enjoyed the job, and her relationship of trust with the noblewoman grew.

Of course, that was all cast asunder when the Duchess and her group of adventurer-hirelings crashed the party. If Marisol knew what would happen that night, she wouldn't have let any of them in. But she didn't know, things went terribly for her and her employer, and they were both arrested and sentenced to the arena for the forseeable future. This presented an extra problem for Marisol, as she was self-conscious about the small size of her breasts. She was so self-conscious, especially after the teasing she faced in the army, that she spent every penny she had before starting at the Marquesa's mansion to commission a breastplate that enhanced her shape.

This, she wears with pride. In it, she feels invincible, and beautiful.


Swordswoman: Using her own longsword, she can add +1 to attack rolls.
Shield Mastery: With her own familiar shield, she can add +1 to defense rolls.

Stats: 10,3,3,9,2,5,10,10,8,6
Speed- 10

Intelligence- 6
Wisdom- 3
Charisma- 5

((Whoa, those rolls were better than I was hoping. These are the rolls I wish I got for the Cleric Lavinia. Let's call Marisol a physical goon, very impressive in combat, not quite so much going on inside other than situational awareness.))

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