Alissa Badwolf - Mistress of Pain and Pleasure

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Alissa Badwolf - Mistress of Pain and Pleasure Empty Alissa Badwolf - Mistress of Pain and Pleasure

Post by Percolator on Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:47 am

Name : Alissa Badwolf

Race : Human

Gender : Woman

Age : 27 human years

Face : long face with brown eyes, nose, eye, lips and ear are pierced

Hair : long black hair who fall .

Body : Medium height body with brown skin, athletic build but all agility and dexterity. Small brown breast with light brown nipples with a piercing on the left one, a flat and thick belly with a piercing on the nostril, a small and tender butt, a shaved pussy with a piercing.

Clothing : Skinny leather pant and vest or skinny leather suit. She love the feeling of the leather on her body. Her breast are too small for a bras and hide the piercing. She like leather panties with naughty drawing or text, silky underwear and elvish panties.

Weapon :

- The whip : she mastered the art of the whipping, she can undress somebody with only a whip.
- Dagger : sharpened dagger is the other weapon she like use. She like the precision and the efficacy of the cut.
- Throwing dagger : The same thing for the dagger, something, small, delicate and accurate.

History : Alissa doesn't remember well her history, because she was sold, wagged, win, giving for payment so many time. She only remember have been a slave, a possession who change of owner constantly. So follow the one who can beat her or buy her. Her last master was a warlord in a dark armor but she was beaten by a powerful Half elf warrior named Miryala who also beat Alissa. So Alissa is now the property of Miryala, except that she said some strange thing like they friend or companions ! This concept that Alissa doesn't know mean nothing for her. She is the minion of Mistress Miryala and until someone beat her or buy her, she will stay with Miryala !

Abilities :

High Agility : Alissa is very flexible, she can do acrobatic thing that the commun people and other adventurer can't doing. She got a bonus for dodging and acrobatics.

Faithful loyalty : Alissa is loyal to his mistress, nobody can make her betray his mistress. Even she's forced to do that, she will fight until the end.

You're my new master ? : If someone can beat, buy or trade her, Elissa will oath her loyalty to her new mister or master, nothing can change that ! It have always been like that for her.

Mistress of Pain : Alissa got some skill with the S&M practice. She can use this technique on her opponents to hurt them more or make us discover news pleasure.

Special abilities :

Possession don't have shame : Alissa consider herself like a living possession of someone. So if she a possession, she don't have shame. So expose her underwear or put her naked don't make her blush or shamed. She doesn't care, she sometime even ask to the person who expose her if she or like the view. Other people blush or are nervous face a naked body.

Strength- 5
Dexterity- 10
Speed- 9
Vitality- 6

Intelligence- 5
Wisdom- 5
Perception- 8
Charisma- 7

(the first one, still four to go...)

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Alissa Badwolf - Mistress of Pain and Pleasure Empty Re: Alissa Badwolf - Mistress of Pain and Pleasure

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