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Alana Greenhill - Ex Warlord Empty Alana Greenhill - Ex Warlord

Post by Percolator on Thu Sep 29, 2016 9:34 am

Name : Alana Greenhill

Race : Human

Gender : Girl

Age : 18 human years

Face : Round face with blue eyes

Hair : long blond hair who fall on her shoulder .

Body : Medium heigh body with light pink skin, athletic build but not all in muscle. Small light pink breast with pink nipples, a flat and thick belly, a small and tender butt with a birthmark shaped like a clover, an hairy blond pussy.

Clothing : pretty girly dress or other precious clothes. Heavy plate armor for the fight. For the underwear she like printed motif or the confortable one.

Weapon :

- The heavy Warhammer : A strong weapon who made a lot of dammage. That All her want
- The Battle War-axe : for the same reason.

History : Alana came from the Capitol city of Enferia. She got a complex about her Heigh because she smaller than the other girl of her age. Because of that people believe she's teenager. She don't talk about her familly except about her sometime stupid big sister. She trained as a warrior sincer her younger age because she wanted money and fame. But she must flee the city because her sister steal some amount of gold from the merchant guild.
Wandering in the outskirt of Enferia they found an old and abandonned fortress. While scouting inside, Alana find an heavy black armor. The armor was taller than her but for the fun, she try it. The magic of the armor awake as she wear the armor piece. She finally found her trapped inside but the armor react as if it was prefectly fit for her. She can see normally and her strenght and constitution have been enhanced by the magic of the armor.
This day Alana become The Warlord.
She plunder and steal merchant caravan, traveler or noble wagon. With the loot she restore the Fortress, she use her big sister has Treasure master and hired some goon like :
- Mistress SM for Cell keeper
- An Ice Mage for second Lieutenant
- An Elf Sword Dancer for First Lieutenant

All worked well, until her attack bring the anger of the Queen of Enferia who send a group of Adventurer to take her down. And that what they do. They vanquisehd her goon and lieutenant, break her armor in piece and send her to arena for punishement. Now she have lost all her power. She must fight in the arena with stuff that the Queen generously offer to her.

Abilities :

Not a teenager : Alana is shorter than other girl at the same ages. So people think she's a teenager. That make her angry and she want to hit the people who say that !

Hydrophobia : Alana is scared by water in high quantity like a lake, a pool and any place where her feet don't touch the ground. She must do a willpower check (15) to affront her fear or trying by anything to flee the waterplace.

Hatred of Vanneth : Vanneth the Barbarian girl. The one who is responsible of her defeat. She swear she will her vengeance against her neither the time it must take. Face against Vanneth, Alana will charge her without reflexion. Bonus in attack roll but her reckless attack give her a malus on defence roll.

Strength- 10
Dexterity- 8
Speed- 8
Vitality- 9

Intelligence- 5
Wisdom- 5
Perception- 6
Charisma- 6

(Here come the profile of the Ex Warlord Girl. She's actually keep in the arena prison.)

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Alana Greenhill - Ex Warlord Empty Re: Alana Greenhill - Ex Warlord

Post by splotch on Thu Sep 29, 2016 3:56 pm

Ooh we should have a Vanneth/Warlord grudge match someday!


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Alana Greenhill - Ex Warlord Empty Re: Alana Greenhill - Ex Warlord

Post by Myds6 on Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:54 am

((In the first one, she's looking angry and ready to fight. In the second, she's moody because Vanneth, Cleodine, and co. removed her from her castle.))
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