Elora Greenhill - Master Treasurer and Warlord Big sister

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Elora Greenhill - Master Treasurer and Warlord Big sister

Post by Percolator on Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:01 am

Name : Elora Greenhill

Race : Human

Gender : Woman

Age : 24 human years

Face : Round face with green eyes

Hair : Short brown hair.

Body : Tall height body with light pink skin, normal build. medium light pink breast with pink nipples, a flat belly, a medium and tender butt, an hairless pussy.

Clothing : Expensive clothes from famous tailors and the same for the underwear and no motif or childish model, she's a grown up.

Weapon :

- sword : her little sister give her some lesson about fighting with a sword but she's not very skilled

History : Like her little sister, Elora came from the Capitol city of Enferia. She's older than Alana so that make her the big sister but not the wiser one ! Elora like money, we can even say she love that. So to make a lot of money she studied the job of Treasurer. She become a good one except for the part where she use her skill to steal gold from the people or the guild for who her works. They must leave the city in emergency because she made false writing to steal a consequently amount of gold from the merchant guild.
The other part of her story is the same except she was find by Half elf warrior Miryala who beat her, strip her naked and make her speak before spanked her several time.
Now she put in rest at the Arena prison, waiting for her punishment.

Abilities :

Master Treasurer : Elora is a very good treasurer, she can keep in order and know everything the guild have in treasury or equipement.

Deceiver : The need for gold of Elora made that she become a good deceiver in order to steal gold from treasury. Her writing are good but she can't stop stealing gold so soon or later someone will find that a large amount of gold is missing.

Scared to wet : Elora is a cowardly one. She easily scared and when she's too scared, she pee on herself like a little girl. This is a very humiliating moment but there is nothing she can do against that.
So she try to hide behind her courageous and brave little sister that wont work all time. After she need to change pantie...

Strength- 4
Dexterity- 5
Speed- 4
Vitality- 4

Intelligence- 10
Wisdom- 7
Perception- 8
Charisma- 8

(Here comme the Warlord Big sister)

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Re: Elora Greenhill - Master Treasurer and Warlord Big sister

Post by Myds6 on Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:29 am

((I dressed her so fashionably, that unless she is extremely rich and powerful, it might cause some ridicule, and maybe even trouble for her.))

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