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Myrdela Lockwell Empty Myrdela Lockwell

Post by Percolator on Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:19 pm

Name : Myrdela Lockwell

Race : Human

Gender : Woman

Age : 28 human years

Face : long face with Blues eyes

Hair : Long silver hair.

Body : Tall heigh body with pale skin, slim build. medium pale medium breast with pink nipples, a flat belly, a medium and tender butt, an pussy bush trimed in a snowflake.

Clothing : Icy blue wizard dress, or pure white and all that remember the color of the snow and the ice the same thing for the underwear even if it's childish panties.

Weapon :

- Mage staff : Wizard don't fight with weapon, they cast deadly spell !

History : Myrdela is a frsot mage who want to prove that the Frost magic is the stronger magic than any other magic. So like Salindra learn and masterise the fire, she Masterise the Ice.
After finish her formation at a prestigious mage academy, she wander around the country to try prove the superiority of the Frost magic. Lately she was hired by a Warlord to protect the fortress where the warlord live. But the Warlord was defeated by a group of adventurer and her was beated by a Powerful Fire mage, Salindra. Now she will have her revenge !

Strength- 4
Dexterity- 5
Speed- 4
Vitality- 4

Intelligence- 10
Wisdom- 7
Perception- 8
Charisma- 8

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Myrdela Lockwell Empty Re: Myrdela Lockwell

Post by Myds6 on Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:27 pm

Here's what I have so far...I might find her some better hair sometime:
Myrdela Lockwell Myrdela001_by_myds6-dam11nh
Myrdela Lockwell Myrdela002_by_myds6-dam11ta

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