Trouble at the Ripped Bodice--Resolution

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Re: Trouble at the Ripped Bodice--Resolution

Post by splotch on Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:39 am

Veera finished her disgusting task. She coughed and retched, trying to banish the taste and the feel of cleaning another woman head to toe with her tongue! By god, she'd never loose like this again! She swore that she'd redeem herself as a gambler and defeat everyone!

She had doubt though. She'd suffered two humiliating defeats in a row, and this one wasn't even over! She only had four coins of the ten required!

Mab, now totally clean, looked a different woman. Though her hair was still mated and dirty her body gleaned with saliva, and her skinny frame was actually quite attractive. Veera found herself unable to look Mab in the eyes. How could she lock gazes with a woman she'd licked clean like that?

Mab, sensing Veera was beaten, spent her next coin on Veera's shoes. She slipped on her rags with her new, finely polished shoes.

"A souvenir. Perhaps I'll see you next time I need a bath!" Mab laughed, and made room for some other to see what they could make Veera do for a coin...


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Re: Trouble at the Ripped Bodice--Resolution

Post by Myds6 on Sat Mar 04, 2017 5:39 am

Marquesa Anastase looked out from under a hood she had worn as a disguise. The thick leather gloves would make her grip on the Obsidian Blade less painful, but she feared that Lillith could easily take control of her, given the connection between them. What would happen then would be anybody's guess. Syndra had promised backup in the form of arena combatants, but Anastase hadn't been contacted by anyone. She looked around, and for now, kept her cool. Lillith was distracted watching some gambler make a fool of herself. The Marquesa would slowly make her way toward her, keeping the blade hidden, and try not to draw attention to herself.

Veera spat, not enjoying the taste of sweat and dirt in her mouth. Unfortunately, she hadn't looked which way she was doing so, and saw a tall, angry looking member of the queensguard, with a splatter of saliva on her shiny gold breastplate.

The guard approached Veera, and Veera preemptively tried to use her charisma to get out of the situation. "Sorry, er, I didn't mean for an armor shine?"

The armored amazon shot a hand out, and wrapped it around Veera's throat. "Um...uh...can you spare a coin?" At this, the grim-looking woman retracted her hand, after first pushing Veera back a little by her throat. A humorless voice came from under her helmet. "Make me laugh, jester. Make me laugh and I will give you your due."

"Did you hear the one about the..." "Jokes aren't funny," the guard interrupted. "Make me laugh another way."

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