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Robyn Rowley, the Ranger Empty Robyn Rowley, the Ranger

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Name: Robyn Rowley

Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Face: A wide face, with brown eyes.  She's certainly no identical twin to her twin sister, but they look like they are related.

Clothes: She wears a ranger outfit.  (See below.)

Bio:  Robyn and her fraternal twin sister, Madyson, were raised in a wealthy merchant family, but found the life working at their mother's business incredibly boring.  At the age of 13, their parents were killed by orc bandits, who attacked their caravan.  The girls had been left at home, and when they news reached them, after they had finished mourning, they took all their family's remaining assets and liquidated them.  They spent everything their family ever owned to enroll in a very expensive school for adventurers, Falconer's Academy for the Advancement of Adventuring.

The sisters had never been quite alike, and it became more obvious at the academy.  Robyn took after her mother.  She was outgoing, adventurous, and loved the outdoors.  While at the academy, she became a ranger, with a specialization in archery.  Her chosen enemy type was orcs.  She's quite suspicious of half-orcs, and she is extremely suspicious about magic, in spite of her sister. Although she hates magic, her sister is the last person she has left in this world, and Robyn protects her with all her might.

Robyn was captain of the school's archery squad, and also played on the gameball and wrestling teams with a great deal of success. Her athletic skills at the school were nearly legendary, although her instructors found her not such a quick learner when it came to absorbing information about the world.

Now that they have graduated, the girls own nothing but their new skills. They have nowhere to live, but hope to earn enough dungeon-delving to purchase a house or rent an apartment. For now, they are taking a room at the ripped bodice, but they can't afford to stay more than a week without earning something. It was Robyn who convinced Madyson that Enferia was where they should move. "There's an arena there, where we can earn lots of money without risking our lives. We can use that money to find a place to live, and buy adventuring supplies," she had explained. Madyson bit her lip, skeptical. "But women are stripped and exposed in that arena! I don't know if this is such a good idea." "Don't worry sis, I'll be right by your side and I have it all figured out!" Robyn replied. "I know," said Madyson, adding under her breath, "that's what worries me."

She carries "Falconer's Academy Guide to Rangering" in her vest pocket, and opens it and refers to it often for directions.  Though the academy is famous and expensive, many have questioned the preparedness of its graduates.  Robyn intends to change that.  She does everything by the book, which sometimes might not represent the best course of action.


Track: can find tracks.  What the creature was, how many, and which way it was going.  Can follow whatever she wishes to follow.

Wild Empathy: A chance to charm wild animals

Archery skill: Robyn is skilled in melee weapons, but is especially devoted to the bow.  She can roll Dex +1 on attack rolls when using a bow outside of melee distance.  She can use it without the modifier at melee distance, though she will likely prefer her sword, since the bow offers -1 protection in melee.


Bad judgment: Outside of her normal roles as a ranger, she often makes bad choices (low WIS) in terms of people, etc.  She fares much better when her smarter sister is nearby to convince her to more prudent action.  Without her, she tends to rush in.

Lack of Magic Knowledge: No matter how much time she spends with her twin, she refuses to learn about magic.  She says she hates magic, that it isn't natural.  As such, she's vulnerable to magic spells. (Low WIS)

Rolls: 9,3,6,5,8,9,6,7,3,1
Physical Stats:

Mental Stats:

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