[Adventure] : The Dungeon of Shame !

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[Adventure] : The Dungeon of Shame !

Post by Percolator on Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:28 pm

Cléodine was standing face of the enter of an ancient towers. Peoples around says some pervert and evil spirit and force live in their. The warrior of the arena come here to purges the evil from his lair for : Honor, spoils, gold and reputation.
With no manner Cléodine break the door and enter into the tower.

Inside magic glob provide a sufficient light to see around you. In this waste room, you can see pedestal with magic representation of the previous adventurers who come here. Some are in their underwear, some other naked but all are red of shame and have humiliated face. On one off the wall you can see a trophy board.

The trophy are the panties, thongs, and other underwear of the vanquished adventurer. swallow her saliva the warrior gulped a little before say "It was a good idea to take spare underwear." the cross the door of the room of the Dungeon of Shame !

On another side of the tower, the Great and Pretentious Pyromancer Salindra find a secret door of the dungeon and enter. She came here for the same reason then Cléodine and was walking to her first room too.

The last adventurer who enter this pervert dungeon was the intelligent and cunning inventor Yuki who came here to clean this place with here invention and prove the fact that the science is powerful then the Magic.

(The rule of this dungeon is simple. Humiliate adventurer who enter inside. They must the place in their underwear or worse. purpose room with trap, vicious fighter or creature for trying to strip them !)

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