Trouble in the Woods

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Re: Trouble in the Woods

Post by cerindclvr on Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:36 pm

((thx for understanding. I'll check it out for sure! And I decided to go for it with this last post. WARNING: some extreme content follows, lol.))

Madyson wordlessly urged Diera not to do what the raucous villagers offered, but it seemed like she still wasn't herself. The townsfolk, in fact, seemed to predict Diera's animal-like demeanor as she let out a canine yip and happily began to pad in the direction of the dog bowls. Madyson patted the girl on the bum, her muffled cry of "no" going unheard, as she happily lapped up the beer and ate up the beans.

The mage rolled her eyes and groaned as the townsfolk about them continued to shout various degrading comments and finally began pelting the trio with eggs, old vegetables, and other refuse. Apparently they took this business with the forest very seriously. Among the shouting throng seemed to be a few out of place people, namely the tourists from the capital who came just to wait for whatever show might come stumbling out of the forest. As Diera grew distracted, she began pawing her way down the main thoroughfare of the small town.

It was a long, tiring, humiliating march that Madyson was forced to partake in, perhaps the worst in her life. As the crowd of angry villagers hit her in her soft sides with eggs, the occasional tomato, or other objects, she had to deal with Diera's cunny wiggling in her face. Meanwhile, Viera found herself enthusiastically lapping at her mentor's nether lips and occasionally making little purring noises. It was driving her wild. At the height of her humiliation, as she knelt in the middle of the street waiting for the guards to come get them, Veira's constant, incessant lapping at her pussy sent a thunderous orgasm shuddering through her body. Her juices squirted out onto Viera's face, dribbling through the vines as she relentlessly tongued Madyson's tender folds. Her loins ached both for relief and for more, as for a brief, sweet moment the trio stopped marching and rested in the middle of the street.

Madyson took a breath and opened her eyes just in time for Diera to let out a little squeaking fart right in her face. Sadly, this was announcing her need to pee, which she did promptly without hesitation or consideration. She was still enchanted to act, more or less, like some kind of horny bitch. The stream of warm fluid hit Madyson in her mouth, as she struggled to get out of the vines once again and coughed and sputtered.

The townsfolk erupted in laughter, pointing and doubling over with guffaws.

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Re: Trouble in the Woods

Post by Myds6 on Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:32 pm

(No worries about the extreme--I wanted this to be pretty bad for them.)

The spectacle was allowed to complete uninterrupted, and the girls were left alone in their humiliating predicament for an uncomfortable length of time. Then Elsa stood over them, laughing. "Still maybe half a day before the Queensguard gets here. Shall we leave 'em like this, or have a little mercy?" she said, pointing at the nearby pillory, and playing to the crowd.

"Let 'em crawl all the way back to Enferia like that!" a voice shouted from the back, to great laughter. Elsa climbed down to her knees, leaned in close, and put a hand on Deira's stomach, pushing up gently, eliciting another squeaking sound from the half elf, and a gagging reflex from Madyson. "Oh, that's nice," the tall blonde taunted, "I wonder if the mage is still thirsty?" With that, she tickled Deira's flank, until Madyson received another faceful of warm liquid. As Madyson coughed, Elsa laughed, "I guess not."

"OK....OK, I reckon we should let them stand up. Besides, that flabby backside is just callin' us to give it a beatin', and we can't reach it like this. Everybody gets a turn...but you have to use a wooden paddle, and hit it straight on. No smudgin' the letters on 'em. Syndra's guard has to see that!"

"What do you reckon she'll do with 'em?" the man from before asked, as Elsa tried cutting the vines. A big grin crossed Elsa's face, as she looked down at the three women, "I don't fairly know. For nearly reigniting the Fae Wars? Cut off their heads and put them on pikes as a warning? For sure not less than a few years at the arena."

Madyson was hoping to feel relieved as the vines were cut, but she, like her two apprentices, were roughly dragged to their feet and ushered into three pillories waiting near the town gate. The villagers continued throwing rotten fruit and eggs as soon as Elsa was out of the way, but she soon appeared with a wooden paddle.

"No, please! Don't...I can explain, it was an acci-" Madyson sobbed.

"People of Baremound!" Elsa called, paying no heed to Madyson's objection, waving the wooden paddle in the air. "Syndra will come, and punish these visitors for their transgressions. But who will pay the real price for offending the fae folk? We will. Once these three are in Syndra's hands, we lose any chance at revenge we've got. So I say, take revenge before the guard arrives. Just don't smudge the letters!" The crowd cheered, and a small line formed behind Elsa.

"It seems to me that you were in charge of this expedition--you deserve this the most, and besides, you're the biggest target!" Elsa said. "No please don--OW!" Madyson responded as the paddle met with her soft backside with a resounding slap. "Stop, plea--OOOOWWW!" Elsa paid her no heed, and applied more than 20 hard smacks to Madyson's already smarting bottom, before handing off the paddle to the next in line.

"We still have about an hour before I reckon the Queensguard will arrive, have at it!"

"Seems like the one in charge

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