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Post by cerindclvr on Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:21 pm

Christie's lips hung open in anticipation as Raine sloowwwly pulled the phallus out of her. A single quiet "ooh" escaped her lips. Her eyes blinked open, and her eyebrow raised in momentary surprise as the sorceress began to manhandle her. She was up on all fours all of as sudden, her womanly sex nearly sticking out between her legs at the redhead.

"Oh!" she giggled playfully as she wiggled her ass Raine. The toned flesh had a nice bit of suppleness to it as she waved it; Raine's series of smacks sent the flesh rippling and drew a surprised cry out of Christie.

"Mmmhnn," she moaned, looking behind her and biting her lower lip as Raine ceased the spanking to grab her cheeks. Her whole body trembled slightly as her winking asshole came into view, squeaky clean and tight and shining pink. Her quivering mound, just below, still twitched from the recent attention it had been given and was slick with moisture. Something about this position, or maybe being splayed open, certainly seemed to work Christie up, that was certain. The witch's breathing increased as Raine laid out her 'deal.'

"Well, luv, if it's a bargain you're discussing..." she began, before she was interrupted by the thrust. Christie cried out in shock and pain.

"Ow..! Fff-fuck...!" she groaned, her eyes wincing shut and her upper torso coming to rest on the soft ground. Raine could feel Christie's hot, firm insides squeezing her magic cock with some force; the witch was recovering to the suddenness of intrusion with teary eyes when Raine tugged her head up by the hair.

"Go," the redhead said into Christie's ear as she panted softly.

"So fast," she breathed after a moment. A moment later, she continued.

"Go?" a wry smirk returning to her briefly angered face. "You heard a bunch of it..." she grinned and slowly leaned back towards the phallus until she was sure her buttocks could press into Raine's hips. Despite her initial enthusiasm, it was clear she wasn't used to treatment that was this... thorough. When her soft flesh mashed against Raine's pubic hair, she reached up her own torso to tease and tug at her nipples...

"Well..." and she took another breath here, as if she was sure another stream of filth was about to come from her lips and she wasn't sure when it would stop, "you can smack my fucking ass some more, you weak little bitch." She stopped her twisted grin by biting down hard on her plump lower lip, her back arched again and ready to receive any wrath Raine had to dispense. "And play with my tits... squeeze em, and pinch my nipples... and... Gimme," she said with a brief, quiet playfulness, reaching and grabbing one of Raine's hands on her hips and guiding it around her front, towards her crotch... "I want you to make me cum while that dick's up my ass..."

The Grey Witch was just getting started, apparently. She leaned forward on her hips to let the cock glide out of her before leaning back against it. As tight as Christie was, Raine almost felt enveloped by her ass when it didn't feel like she'd be squeezed right out of it.

"I wanted..." she breathed, "you to lick my asshole... before you fucked it... ahh!" she moaned when she bounced back fully onto Raine's hips, gently pressing there a bit more firmly than last time they'd touched. The athletic witch leaned her body forward slowly again, and Raine swore she was intentionally squeezing the phallus with her buttocks every time she pulled away.

"...but I also wanted to lick yours. I wanted you to grab my head and pull my face into your ass. There could be others..." she panted some more, her face hanging low again. "There could be others watching... you could do me like this in the arena... ahh!" she moaned, grabbing her right tit fervently and clutching it in ecstasy. "My face between your legs... tongue getting used by the winner... Th-they'd see the newer Raine, fuh-fucking the big bad grey witch, making her lick her holes... ahh..! H-how hu-humiliating would that be..? You'd make me sit on that thing, bounce on it, with it in my ass... pounding up into me..." and as she let the torrent of filth continue, her hips were rhythmically pumping back and forth with Raine's thrusts. "Mmmmh... and as you're fucking me.... ahhh... you'd reach and spread my pussy open... so everyone can see... nnhhfuuck...!"

Christie's back muscles tensed and rippled beneath her velvety skin, as her hips worked up that rhythm, and eventually the sublime 'clap' 'clap' 'clap' sound of the witch's butt smacking into Raine's hips was nonstop...

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