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Post by Myds6 on Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:24 pm

Name: Tewila

Race: Human

Class: Magic-User

Face: A round face, tannish skin, dark eyes and hair.  Sometimes, she wears a flower in her hair.

Clothes: A dress brought from her homeland.  In fact, she brought several.  These are light, as the weather there is warm.  They often have flowered prints, and fringe.  She rarely wears shoes, even in the urban environment that challenges the soles of her feet more than the sandy beaches where she comes from.

Bio:  (See if you can guess the inspiration, lol)  Tewila is the daughter of the chief of her village.  She grew up in the traditions of her people, which gave her a great love for fishing, dancing, and the martial art of the spear, among many other things.  Someday, perhaps, she was destined to become the leader herself.  But the crops and fish supplies were dwindling, for reasons no one but the village witch-doctor could understand.  

Tewila was told only she could solve the problems of her village.  She searched everywhere on her island for a solution, and finding none, she turned to the sea.  Against the advice of her village, she set out on a canoe, to find the cause of their troubles.  After a great adventure not detailed in this bio, she found herself stranded on an island hitherto-unknown by her people.  She searched the island for supplies to repair her canoe so she could sail home, but she wasn't even sure which direction home was by now.  Luckily for her, she wasn't the only one exploring.  A boat arrived at the island, and she signaled them with a fire.  The people seemed strange to her, as did their giant canoe.  After initial misunderstandings, she made it clear that she was in no way inferior to the people on the boat, and her spear skills enforced the idea.  Eventually, learning to speak their language after a few more weeks at sea, she despaired of ever finding home again.  In time, the ship sailed back to its homeland, a place called Almeria.  

Tewila became a bit of a VIP in Almeria, although she felt more like a caged animal there.  She was a subject of interest and wonder to the Almerians, but she felt a lack of respect.  She hoped that the Almerians would never find her village, as they seemed to exploit anything they found for material gain.  Eventually, tired of her gilded-cage status, she left the cities of Almeria, and wandered east, not knowing where she'd end up.

In time, she came to Enferia, where she made camp in the wilderness along the borderlands.  Dancing in front of her campfire for entertainment, she ran afoul of the cult of Ahem, the goddess of seriousness.  After taking down a large number of their cultists, she was finally numerically overwhelmed by them, and taken to a castle, where they tried to torture such frivolity as dancing out of her.  Luckily, she was rescued by the Clown-Priestess Zenzi, but that is a story told elsewhere.

After her adventure with Zenzi in disrupted the tower of Ahem cultists, she continued on to the city of Enferia, where lack of familiarity with local laws and custom (quite different from those in Almeria, even) landed her in trouble, and eventually, the arena.

Skills: Acrobatic spear arts.  Tewila does some pretty visually impressive feats of spear handling (think of the acrobat character in the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon).  Luckily, they are not just for show, but very effective.  If two or three opponents are standing near each other, she can attack all of them with either the tip or shaft of her spear, or a kick, or any combination of the above.  (multiple attacks on up to three grouped enemies)

Keen Mind: Although those who judge her by her foreign appearance assume she'd be naïve and trusting, Tewila was raised to be a leader.  She often outthinks those who see her as an easy target.  (No mechanism, just RP)

Flaws: Modesty.  In Tewila's culture, scanty clothes are not uncommon, but having one's lower regions uncovered entirely is shameful.  (If stripped of dress and panties, -2 to defense).

STATS: Rolls: 8,5,9,9,2,9,8,9,2,5  (Do we drop the lowest 2?  I forget.)

Physical Stats:

Mental Stats:

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Post by Percolator on Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:27 pm

Nice to meet you Tewila ^^ I hope we can finish our adventure in the cult of Ahem ^^

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Tewila, the Islander Empty Re: Tewila, the Islander

Post by Myds6 on Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:30 pm

Yup. Writing on it soon!

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