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Rana 'Black Widow' Ariadne Empty Rana 'Black Widow' Ariadne

Post by Krucible on Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:58 pm

Name- Rana ‘Black Widow’ Ariadne

Age- 24 years old

Race- Human

Height- 5 foot 7 inches

Eye color- Silver

Face- Sharp features combined with an almost ever-present smirk, Rana is the perfect example of a ‘femme fatale’.

Hair- Midnight black in color, the majority is tied in a bun at the back of her head, save for the right side of her bangs which conceals her right eye from the side.

Body- Lithe in appearance which belies her strength, she is extremely agile and flexible, but lacking in the breast department. A large Black Widow spider is tattooed on her back.

Signature outfit- A dark red cheongsam with gold trim that exposes quite a bit of leg, she forgoes a bra due to her small bust.

Fighting style- Rana is a master of manipulation and entrapment. Her primary weapon is a pair of wired gloves that are loaded with nearly unbreakable spider-silk, which she uses to setup traps, bind, and slice her enemies. Due to the extremely thin spider-silk, it is nearly impossible to see the strands until it is too late. Only those with a critical eye can see them, or if the light catches them just right. This also gives Rana the ability to seemingly ‘stand on air’. By stretching her ‘wires’ out, Rana can decrease the amount of strength needed to manipulate heavy objects by directing their weight across a distance, effectively allowing her to toss debris at her enemy. Should her webs fail her, Rana has extensively trained in hand-to-hand combat, but since she lacks strength, she instead focuses on the enemy’s joints and other weak-points, as well as pin opponents with grapples that don’t require to much exertion on her part.

Weaknesses- While her ‘wires’ are dangerous for most opponents, they are susceptible to extreme temperatures. Fire can burn them and ice can make them brittle. Should her gloves supply of silk run out, she can sacrifice parts of her outfit to supplement her supply, as her clothes are made of the same material. Though that means she must willingly strip herself. Her martial arts style is only tailored to one-on-one combat, so she can’t handle multiple opponents in close quarters, or those who are armed with long-reaching weapons.

Bio- Abandoned as a child, Rana was found and raised by a tribe of a half-human half-spider race called Arachne. The Arachne are a very secluded people and use their cunning and ambush tactics to get the jump on most opponents, a skill they imparted on young Rana. As she grew up, Rana continued to live with the tribe who treated her like family, as she did to them. That is not to say that she had no contact with humans. Since most people have an instinctive fear of the spider-folk, Rana would often act as a middle-man for the tribe, travelling to various towns to do business with the locals. And as time went on, she became a very shrewd and calculating girl. She often views those weaker than her as ‘flies in the web’, and has a particular distaste for the fearful. Especially those who have a fear of spiders. Always thinking ten steps ahead, Rana does her best to avoid situations where she is unsure she will come out on top. Rana has come to the coliseum not so much to earn money, but rather to ‘put the insects in their place’. She is also a hardcore lesbian.

Stats (out of 10):

Strength- 3

Dexterity- 10

Intelligence (in terms of magic)- 1


Master tactician- Extremely smart and crafty, Rana relies less on brute force to win, but instead takes her time to subtly pick apart her opponents.

Hit and run expert- Minimizes direct contact as much as possible, she chooses to enact multiple brief attacks before backing off in order to disrupt her opponents momentum.

Poison tongue- Skilled in the art of speech, Rana has a habit of enraging others with her trash-talk.

No mercy- Upon defeating an opponent she takes great pleasure in ensuring they suffer as much humiliation as possible, further cementing her position as the ‘queen spider’.

*My first post, hope I'm doing this right*


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Rana 'Black Widow' Ariadne Empty Re: Rana 'Black Widow' Ariadne

Post by splotch on Fri Mar 01, 2019 12:58 am

This sounds awesome! Both hot and really interesting combat characteristics. I like the cheongsam.

Welcome to the board by the way!


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