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Post by Krucible on Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:29 pm

Name- Miria Therith

Age- 19

Race- Were-cat

Height- 5ft 1in

Eye color- Yellow

Face- Light complexion with sharp features, her cat-like eyes confirm her heritage of being a were-cat.

Hair- Midnight black in color, her wavy locks flow down to her neck, and her cat ears poke out the top of her head.

Body- As a member of a beast-race that is well-known for their agility, Miria has a lithe figure with toned muscles that helps with her cat-like movements. Flexible enough to put her legs behind her head, she is double-jointed in several areas. Her breasts are nearly nonexistent, which actually works to her advantage. She can also extend her claws at a moments notice.

Signature outfit- A backless, sleeveless, form-fitting black leotard with loose matching pants. Her arms are covered by black fingerless gloves that reach up her forearms. A small hole in the back of her pants allows for her tail to be seen.

Fighting style- Extremely agile by her very nature, Miria is often described as the ‘whisper of death’ by her fellow villagers due to her stealth capabilities and speed. While her strikes lack strength, she always knows just where to hit to do the most damage possible. Preferring to keep to the shadows, she uses her claws for assassinations and falls back to her dual hook-swords should things get hairy. She also dabbles in some of the arcane arts, but only to cast illusions and the like.

Weaknesses- Though she is fast, Miria lacks the strength to take heavy blows. Whenever faced with a physically stronger opponent, she uses her hook-blades to redirect attacks rather than block or interrupt them. Though she carries various tools-of-the-trade in order to cover her weaknesses, in prolonged fights she will run out of supplies.

Bio- Born a member of the were-cat race, Miria was a prodigy when it came to subterfuge and other shady dealings. Very much the strong silent type, Miria only ever speaks as much as necessary, nothing more, nothing less. This results in her coming off as being cold and unflappable. Having done everything from assassinations and theft, to blackmail and smuggling, Miria is an expert of espionage. Yet it is her greatest challenge yet that brings her to the arena. Never one to turn down an interesting job, Miria has been hired to take some pictures of the Queen in rather ‘compromising’ positions. So now she seeks to gain her favor by rising through the ranks of the arena and earn an audience with the monarch.

Stats (out of 10):

Strength- 3

Dexterity- 9

Intelligience- 3


Nine-lives- Miria has the inexplicable ability to instantly come back from the brink of exhaustion and return to fighting form. (contrary to its name, she can only do this once per day)

Soft paws- A deft hand that can pickpocket expert thieves without them noticing, Miria’s touch is so soft that her opponents are unable to register the fact that she touched them.

On her feet- With impeccable balance and manipulation of the body, Miria is never disoriented and can always land on her feet.

Words are meaningless- Immune to taunting as well as other verbal attacks.

Night eyes- Can see perfectly in the dark.


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