Ellin "Ellie" Sewell, the librarian

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Ellin "Ellie" Sewell, the librarian Empty Ellin "Ellie" Sewell, the librarian

Post by cerindclvr on Tue May 28, 2019 12:25 pm

Ellin “Ellie” Sewell has rather unremarkable early years. She grew up sheltered and unassuming, shunned as the middle of 5 sisters. Her merchant class parents fostered her love of books, at the very least, and she never had want of most material things.

In her teens, her voracity for knowledge caught the attention of a local lorekeeper, Vespas. The wise old man first granted her access to some of the more restricted tomes at the library where he worked, warning her to keep away from the ones she wasn’t ready for yet. Ellie followed the rules and studied relentlessly with her free time, never failing to set a little bit aside to indulge in stories and fantastic tales. Vespas granted her duties around the library, for which she was a natural fit.

At first, Vespas tested her basic magical aptitude with some standard magical learning. She took well enough to the standard cantrips and incantations. But, as an eventual reward for her years of loyal assistance, Vespas passed down his unique style of magic to her. Drawing upon the user’s raw knowledge and imagination, practitioners of the Vespas Style can create supernaturally resilient, animate book pages. The application of these rapidly flying sheaves is practically limitless.

Appearance: Ellie is tall with an hourglass figure; rather striking, really, for someone who spends most of their time in study. Her face is well-proportioned and most would say cute, given a bookish touch by large round glasses and pulling her dark brown hair up into an immaculate bun. If properly made over, she could probably be a more conventionally heart-stopping beauty. On the rare occasion that she gets fired up, her disposition has been known to swing dramatically, too.

The withdrawn mage favors simpler clothing, dark or muted in color, typically black or brown robes. Despite the fact that she doesn’t like attention, her self-conscious vanity dictates that she maintain her curvy appearance with the assistance of some hidden undergarments…

Practical Magic: Ellie is trained in most basic, low-level magical arts.

Vespas Style: Ellie’s true magical power is extremely versatile and potent, allowing her to manifest a number of physical attacks and conjurations. In addition to a number of offensive and defensive applications, Ellie is capable of creating parchment ‘pets’ or other constructs to aid her.

A Life of Their Own: Ellie’s constructs have the advantage of being truly animate. That is, once given life, Ellie’s creations will act of their own accord, for a while. It’s not entirely clear just how ‘aware’ these paper beings are, but they have been known to warn and protect Ellie in a pinch, as well as harry her attackers.

Physical Stats:
Strength- 3
Dexterity- 6
Constitution- 5
Speed- 4

Mental Stats:
Wisdom- 8
Intelligence- 9
Perception- 7
Charisma- 7

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Ellin "Ellie" Sewell, the librarian Empty Re: Ellin "Ellie" Sewell, the librarian

Post by Myds6 on Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:12 am

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