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Mavlee, The Elven Hexer Empty Mavlee, The Elven Hexer

Post by splotch on Sat Jul 27, 2019 1:53 pm

Mavlee is an illusionist wizard. Trained at the Hall of Knowledge in the Elven captial, her life has been a intense, rigid and serous slog of studying, studying and more studying. A natural skeptic, magic never came easy to her. He progressed slowly, and had to work harder then her peers. Hours in the library until finally she mastered a school of magic. Unfortunately, the only discipline she could fully master was one looked down on by the Elves. Mavlee learned the magics of probability, chance and luck. A fey magic style, she learned how to manipulate luck.

The Elves view this as a prank oriented, rather useless style of magic. Embarrassed, Mavlee found it was all she could learn though. She graduated near the last in her class. Embarrassed, feeling the disappointment of her family she left the Elven realm, intent on proving the value of her luck magic by committing some great deeds in the world at large.

Naive and inexperienced, armed with all book smarts and no street smarts, Mavlee ended up in the human capital of Enferia. A recruiter at the bar, eager to find a beautiful young woman who had no idea what she was in for, talked her into joining the arena voluntarily. Mavlee was a little uncomfortable when she wasn't allowed to read the contract, but chose to sign up for the public chance to prove her magic's value. She has no idea about the stripping, the forfeits and the fetishes of the arena, but is about to find out...

Swing and a miss!- To defend from an attack, Mavlee will try to beat the roll with a spell. If she succeddes, the attack misses by wild chance. If she critically succeds, it backfires on her opponent.

Black Cat Hex- If Mavlee rolls over a 15 on her casting, her opponent rolls twice and takes the worst for 1d4 rounds (will negates)

Oops- This is one Mavlee is reluctant to use, unless properly provoked. It causes an unfortunate disaster to befall her opponent. They trip, they drop their weapon. Their pants fall down.

What goes around comes around- the unfortunate side effect of Mavlee's magic. If she critically fails any spell, it happens to her!

Appearance and gear- Short for an elf (the bullys at the school called her halfing) the pale elf has shock red hair. She has big eyes, round lips and a heart shaped face.  She has a curvy, thin body. Her proportions are 35-26-36. She wears a draping long dress with a corset over. Underneath will be a surprise. She also wields a wizard's staff.

Strength- 1
Dexterity- 5
Constitution- 4
Speed- 7

Wisdom- 2
Intelligence- 9
Perception- 6
Charisma- 5

(Bad stats, but I kind of want her to be unlucky Twisted Evil )


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Mavlee, The Elven Hexer Empty Re: Mavlee, The Elven Hexer

Post by splotch on Sat Jul 27, 2019 1:56 pm

Mavlee, The Elven Hexer 966cb710
Mavlee, The Elven Hexer 0bcca410
She looks like a young (25 to 30 year old) Gillian Anderson


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