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Post by Phantompen on Tue Jul 01, 2014 2:40 pm

Should you decide to GM a fight or adventure, there are only a few simple things to be aware of.

Most importantly, you'll need a d10 to make all the necessary attack/defense and skill roles. If you do not have a d10, the following program can be used to simulate and kind of die:

This is also helpful for rolling damage, which can require one of several types of die depending on the character's stats. (Remember, damage is calculated as 1+d(?))

Creating an enemy encounter of proper difficulty can be problematic. Some ideas to keep in mind is that the enemy's equipment does not necessarily have to perfectly adhere to the equipment stats listed for players. Depending on the quality of their armor, an enemy's equipment durability could vary by several points in either direction.

Enemy stats can also be problematic. Generic enemies should typically have fewer stat points and weaker equipment than players, to better reflect the exceptional nature of player characters. Special enemies (typically those with names/bosses) can be given the same number of stat points and equivalent armor durability as players. Epic encounters (major figures, legendary adventurers, etc) should be given greater stats than what players can attain, as well as stronger equipment.


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