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The Thieves' Revenge Empty The Thieves' Revenge

Post by westley24 on Fri Jul 04, 2014 4:12 pm

Jacqueline met her small force on a hill overlooking Roman's Estate. She was wearing the same armor as her last mission, as she figured it had served her well enough the first time.

Upon seeing Herja, which she did quite easily, (the woman was huge!) Jacqueline introduced herself somewhat nervously.

"Hello, I'm Jacqueline. You must be the Herja I've been hearing about. Good to have someone so built for combat on the team." Turning her attention to the less intimidating woman, Jacqueline said, "Hello again, Raine. I'm glad you could help us on this mission."

After hearing what the others had to say, Jacqueline explained the plan, "So, I've bribed a garde on the inside; I know the basic layout of the building. For whatever reason, Dick doesn't even care about what goes on just outside of his estate, so we don't have any security to deal with until we're inside. It's getting inside that's the problem. The only way we're getting in is through his big front door. Now, we might be able to pick the lock, or we could bash it down. If we don't get it down on our first attack, however, we'll alert the gardes."

"Well, then, it's a good thing I'm here," Caterina boasted, walking up the hill. "Although, you might be better for this particular job," she said, turning towards Herja. "I'm Caterina, by the way."


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The Thieves' Revenge Empty Re: The Thieves' Revenge

Post by Phantompen on Fri Jul 04, 2014 9:48 pm

Raine gave Jacqueline a curt nod and Herja a curious and wary look. The sorceress knew the world was full of strange people and races, but this woman was certainly something else. Humans simply didn't come in that size.

"Nice to see you too, Jacqueline." Raine said. "Happy to know I can help, and also quite happy to know you found some muscle to help with the mission."

Raine listened to Jacqueline's breakdown of the situation closely. The redhead had done some research on this crime lord they were going after, and nothing she'd learned put her nerves to rest. This was a dangerous man they were crossing, no two ways about it. They couldn't allow things to go wrong.

Looking at the newcomer to the group, Raine smiled and gave Caterina a polite nod. "Hello, Caterina. You must be the companion Jacqueline spoke of. And, Jacqueline, this plan of yours..."

Raine wasn't sure how to continue. She didn't want to seem as if she was trying to control things, and she certainly didn't want to insult the merit of Jacqueline's suggested approaches. Perhaps the blunt approach would be best...

"Do you think maybe we could bluff our way past the gate?"


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