Arena Introduction

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Arena Introduction

Post by Phantompen on Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:04 pm

The Enferia Arena, shining jewel of the capital city and the busiest establishment in the realm. The massive circular arena gives all seats a clear view of the sandy circle where the combatants fight. To aid with this, a magical silvery sphere flies through the battlefield, closing in on whatever it deems worthy of displaying on the larger sphere the floats above the arena, offering a closer view for all.

On the northern end of the circle, the private viewing booth of Queen Syndra sits, the best seats available. The canopied box shields the gorgeous Queen from the sun and elements, as well as the gaze of the commoners. At any time, Her Majesty is flanked by her elite Royal Guard, women as beautiful as they are loyal and dangerous.

A long-standing tradition of the Arena is that the defeated opponent is at the mercy of the victor, subject to her whims so long as they serve to entertain the audience.

No real harm comes to the combatants, as a magical ward prevents any severe physical harm. No blood is shed, no bones are broken, and even bruises are rare. Raw, stinging skin, however, is possible given the right circumstances.


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