Shizune the Samurai

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Shizune the Samurai

Post by Phantompen on Sun Aug 10, 2014 1:41 pm

((Also, I'm back! Sorry for falling off the face of the earth like that. I, simply put, burned out hard. I'm very happy to see others step up to the GM position in my absence, and it's great to see things still going strong here!))

Name: Shizune Tachibana

Race: Human

Face: Her features could best be described as charming. Her narrow dark eyes seem keen, watching her surroundings. Her button nose is rather short, resting above thin pink lips. ((Her name should make it rather obvious that her features would be heavily Asian))

Hair: Black as night, her hair would hang far down her back were it not tied up in a ponytail.

Body Type: Should Shizune be seen without her armor, she would be found remarkably slender in comparison to her strength. Her chest is a healthy 32C, while her backside is nothing particularly special. Her fair, smooth skin is just a few shades above pure white. Above her delicate lower lips is a small, carefully groomed patch of hair.

Bio: Hailing from a land far to the east, Shizune calls herself a "samurai", whatever that is. Having no master, the samurai wanders the land, looking for one worthy to pledge herself to. Perhaps in the arena of Enferia she could catch the eye of someone worth serving. Beyond this, Shizune's past isn't easily learned, as the samurai doesn't share such information freely.


Strength- 8
Dexterity- 6
Intelligence- 5

Traits/Skills/Special Abilities:

Bushido Warrior: Shizune does not believe in surrender. She will fight just as ferociously in her panties as she would in full armor, with little regard to personal safety.
Katana Training: The unique weapon of the samurai requires more than just raw strength, as proper dexterity is necessary to use the blade to its fullest potential. Anybody attempting to use Shizune's weapon against her would find themselves at a disadvantage.
Challenge Strike: In combat, Shizune can challenge an enemy, gaining their attention and earning a damage and chance to hit bonus on her next attack. This ability can only be used on an enemy once.


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Re: Shizune the Samurai

Post by Myds6 on Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:47 am

Hmmm...interesting. Take a look at these for a first attempt. I am short on Samurai armor, but I had this set:


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