Thaleia, the Nymph

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Thaleia, the Nymph

Post by westley24 on Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:57 am

Name: Thaleia

Race: Plant Nymph

Face: A rather human face, but with something inexplicably alluring. A rounded nose, the bridge having just the slightest curve. Somewhat large, rather yellow eyes. Her cheekbones aren't set very high, but give a light sweep down to her rounded chin. Her lips are tinted a slightly darker green than her skin.

Hair: Long, flowing, green hair. Styled into a crown braid with some hair still down.

Body Type: As with all nymphs, Thaleia is thin and nubile, with A-cup breasts and a very slim backside. An average height for a nymph, Thaleia stands at 5' 7". Surprisingly enough, the only foliage on her body comes in the form of what appears to be ivy crawling most of the way up her appendages, though her entire skin does take on a light green hue.

Bio: Thaleia is a minor goddess with some control over plant life. As such, she has been around for many centuries and will probably be around for several more. She has spent this time generally doing nothing, often content to simply relax in a pond near her residence. Some humans set up an encampment nearby, though, so she has taken to bathing significantly less to reduce the risk of being seen. This, however, means that she needs to find a new hobby, and she heard of a mysterious city which offers great sport to anyone willing to do a bit of work.

Thaleia then packed up her few belongings, not much more than a tattered green dress, and made the journey to Enferia to fight in the arena. Her particular style, though, may be a bit unconventional. Thaleia is able to create plants anywhere, even very sandy areas. She then has complete control over these plants.


Strength- 5
Dexterity- 5
Intelligence- 8

Traits/Skills/Special Abilities:

Plant Nymph: Thaleia is able to control plants, most easily those she creates. She can make these plants do various things, depending on the situation.
Reclusive: Quite odd considering her race, Thaleia has never much gotten along with people, and is somewhat embarrassed to be in front of crowds, even when she's clothed.

Seductress: Many find the beauty of a nymph alluring, and Thaleia has used her charm to her advantage before. Thaleia finds it exceptionally easy to convince people to do things.

Special Helper: Using her ability to create new life, Thaleia can create a small treant to assist her. Doing this, though, leaves her quite drained, so she cannot do it often (more than once per encounter.) ((Not really sure how to approach this from a game standpoint, but I was thinking: it would have its own place in initiative right after Thaleia, it would be easy to destroy (no more than 3 durability,) and it would have pretty low stats. I'm thinking 3's and 4's.))


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