Shannon the Water Wizard

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Shannon the Water Wizard

Post by TeratonArm on Thu Nov 19, 2015 10:59 pm

Well, this forum still seems a little slow, but I like the idea, so maybe I'll try getting things started. I can't say I'm very familiar with Enferia's setting, so I'm sort of making things up on the fly here, so tell me if anything I say is conflicting with anything already established. Here's a character whose backstory includes a location I'm hoping to get to GM an adventure to sometime if more people join.

Name: Shannon Vaine of the Third Lake

Race: Human

Face: Round features, light gray eyes, and clear skin.

Hair: Brown and fairly short, and somehow not damaged from the amount of time she spends washing it. Usually, it is bound in a head-wrap of sorts; a damp towel wrapped around her hair for both practical purposes and as a bit of fashion from her home that she can wear in public.

Body type: 5'5'' Pear-shaped, with healthy if slightly pudgy arms. She has modest, pert breasts, and a slight stomach, widening down to broad hips and a big backside. Her skin is on the fair side, and due to the nature of her magic, she has exceptionally clear skin, and a neatly groomed patch of pubic hair.

She typically wears, along with the towel in her hair, light, airy robes, with fantasy-equivalent-to-bathing-suit-like undergarments, and shoes that are easy to slip on and off.

Bio: Shannon hails from a location that most only consider rumored to exist: The Bathing Lakes. Three giant, natural hot springs that together make up a sizable body of water. Despite that size, they retain their mythic status due to the clandestine occupants that call it home. The water has sacred properties, and through repeated bathing in it they, like Shannon, get powers over water. That being said, in an effort to gain information about the outside world, the Lake's inhabitants have sent out several gifted members of their community to go out and explore Enferia, and to report back every few years with valuable or important information they have gathered or learned. That's where Shannon comes in.

Shannon sees the opportunity as an honor, but is a bit hesitant about the strange kingdom that she's spent so long in seclusion from. Furthermore, though nudity is common in her homeland, being seen naked by those outside of the Lake's community is considered shameful, which is worrying considering the fashion and practices she is accustomed to. Still, she's determined and inquisitive to obtain exciting new information... almost to a fault.

Traits/Skills/Special Abilities:

Water Wizardry: The Bathing Lakes have imbued Shannon with the ability to manipulate any water that has come into contact with her bare skin. This can be anything from purifying and heating water for consumption or bathing, to more combat-oriented uses, such as whips or projectiles of water, or heating it to make a smoke-screen of steam. This is an incredibly powerful ability, but somewhat situational: without sufficient water, there's little she can do. To this end, Shannon carries several flasks of water with her at all times, along with a few vials of soaps and oils.

Compulsion to Bathe: Having lived her entire life inside what is more or less a giant hotspring, Shannon is unnerved by how dirty one can get on a day to day basis in more mundane locations. She bathes almost every opportunity she can get, for comfort, cleanliness, and as a way of 'recharging' herself to cast her magic. Of course, sometimes this can lead to problems: if desperate, she may use a lake or her own supply of water when without a proper tub, giving any hidden observers a good show and a chance to make off with her belongings. Whats more, she can have trouble casting her spells if she feels she isn't clean enough.

Lore Gatherer: Her task is to compile knowledge of the outside world, and she's taken to it with gusto; she has an incredible memory for stories, myths, rumors, etc. This knowledge is somewhat eclectic, but in a world of monsters and magic, tales of such things often have a grain of truth to them, and can prove advantageous to the young witch.

So yeah. Stats are more of a case-by-case, optional basis now, so I guess I'll work those out if I need to at any point. Hope this is cool.

PS: What are orcs like in Enferia? I was thinking of making an Orc/Half-Orc character too, but I'd like some idea of what they're supposed to be like, for a sense of how tall to make her if nothing else. Thanks.

Edit: Adding stats for splotch's system

Physical Stats:


Mental Stats:



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