Character: Velatha the Infiltrator

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Character: Velatha the Infiltrator Empty Character: Velatha the Infiltrator

Post by Phantompen on Sat Jun 21, 2014 11:19 pm

Name: Velatha Rainsinger

Race: Elf

Face: Large violet, almond-shaped eyes. The rest of her facial features could be best described as small; thin cheeks, a rounded chin and gently sloping nose, and elegant eyebrows. Her lips, a rich red, seem to always hint at a confident smile.

Hair: Jet black and silky, falling halfway down her neck in a rough cut.

Body Type: 5'4". A bit on the lithe side, with B-cup breasts, toned legs, and a curvy bottom. Not particularly muscled, but clearly a body kept in shape by constant activity. Her skin, free of freckles or blemishes, is decidedly pale. As an elf, her only hair is on her head, leaving the space between her legs completely bare.

Bio: While an elf, Velatha was raised in Enferia, growing up immersed in human culture. Her heritage never caused too many problems, but Velatha was always acutely aware of the fact that she was simply different from most of her friends. While her friends continued to grow up around her, her height peaked comparatively early.

Not one to let such a thing dishearten her, Velatha learned to embrace her smaller nature. She could fit into smaller spaces, climb more easily due to her lower weight, and move more quietly than any of her friends. Indeed, it wasn't long before she was sneaking up on her friends whenever they'd least expected her.

This predilection for stealth proved to be a great asset. Velatha discovered that people would pay handsomely for information, secrets, and revenge. All of which were easy enough to acquire if one could bypass security. In time, the elf developed a bit of a reputation in shadier circles for being someone that could get things done. For the right price.

Determined to

Strength- 5
Dexterity- 8

Traits/Skills/Special Abilities:

Connected: Velatha's time doing shady work has allowed her to cultivate a network of friends and contacts all over the city. Secrets and rumors have a way of funneling back to her, and Velatha is always willing to take advantage of this knowledge.

Illusion Specialist: Velatha's elven predisposition for magic manifested as a particular talent for Illusion magic. The sneaky woman uses this expertise to disguise herself, altering her appearance and, should she dedicate herself to it, even taking on the appearance of someone else entirely.

Lightning Strike: Velatha is surprisingly adept with daggers, and can occasionally strike with unnatural speeding while using one. This attack is so fast that the target has almost no time to react, resulting in a decreased chance to block the attack. (Can only be used 3 times in combat [decided by the +3 Dexterity modifier from having 8 in the stat])


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Character: Velatha the Infiltrator Empty Re: Character: Velatha the Infiltrator

Post by Myds6 on Sun Aug 17, 2014 6:49 pm

Hi!  Since you're sort of back, what do you think of this?  Does it look like Velatha?
Character: Velatha the Infiltrator Velatha001_by_myds6-d7vl2t0

I know she isn't really gripping her knives.  The T-Pose is just the standard character editing pose.  You have to save them like that if you don't want issues down the road.

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