Character: Christie the Grey Witch

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Character: Christie the Grey Witch

Post by cerindclvr on Sun Jun 22, 2014 5:33 am

Name: Christie

Race: Seems Human

Face: Some times described as "angelic," Christie's face features soft angles but high cheekbones, exotic eyes that hold a strange gold-grey color, and full, dark lips.

Hair: Christie's hair is thick, wavy, dark gold, that would probably be a fair deal curlier if there weren't so much of it. It's worn loose such that it falls over her bare shoulders and not quite halfway down her back.

Body Type: Her body is a flattering combination of slender softness and curves. Her midsection holds only a bit of tone, as do her thighs and buttocks, which are otherwise thick and supple. Everything else on her tends to be a bit softer, and fair skinned that holds a healthy blush. Her laced-up knee-high sandals sport tall heels on them, making her seem a few inches taller than her 5'9 height.
The subject of much rumor, if Christie has been seen voluntarily wearing something besides her tattered, gauzy white dress, no one is talking about it. While it's largely agreed that wearing the threadbare gown is either a curse or a fashion statement, Christie always comes back to her next arena fight wearing the same thing. While the skintight, ripped cloth never reveals anything at first, it does entice the imagination into wondering lascivious thoughts such as just how easy it would be for her to move the wrong way and let a nipple pop free.

Bio: Christie is a figure steeped in mystery and a healthy bit of legend. While not undefeated, her record in the arena is impressive in volume if nothing else. Her reputation outside of the arena consists of a lot of mischief making, magic-assisted thievery, womanizing, gambling, dueling, and some costly but otherwise harmless acts of destruction.
Some popular rumors that circulate regarding Christie are as follows:
She is immortal or will at least live for several hundred more years.
She has made a pact with the elemental forces of luck that will allow her to ultimately emerge victorious in any long-term conflict.
She prefers the company of women and has even bedded Queen Syndra.
She is several centuries old.
She once taught at a prominent school for magic users but was ejected by the teaching council there for lewd conduct and "unorthodox" and "irresponsible" use of magic.
She is half fey.
She was once set to be married to an elven princess against their parents' wishes. Deciding that she'd rather live a life of freedom, Christie never went to the wedding, leaving her lover humiliated and outraged. Her dress is the result of a curse her lover put on her before she killed herself -- Christie is doomed to be forever humiliated by its constant mishaps.
She owns a set of magical claws forged from the melted down metal that once held a goddess' corset together. They are said to rend armor and clothing more easily than any other weapon, but do very little harm to any actual living thing.

Perhaps the most relevant rumor is the one regarding Christie's performance in the arena. People are whispering that the beautiful, powerful, ancient witch Christie has lost much of her memory and a substantial portion of her power with it.


Strength - 5
Dexterity - 5
Intelligence - 8

Traits/Skills/Special Abilities:
Talented Magician
Christie has a natural talent for raw magic and is skilled at manipulating reality in just about every form. Her current state doesn't seem to be as potent as it once was (you might call her magic dependent), so she's had to get creative in using it to get the better of her foes. All the same, she has never lacked for stage presence and her visually impressive spells tend to please the crowd.

Part of Christie's allure is that it's truly hard to tell if she's just putting on a show and creating a persona, or not. Those that believe her to be highly analytical and calculating in her thought process have to at least concede that while the results of her decisions ultimately seem to work out in her favor, there's no real way to prove how her mind works. As such, she seems haughty but also seems to have an uncanny sense for when someone's trying to fool or get the better of her.

Sandstorm Trickery
In the pit of the Enferia arena, sand is everywhere. Wind, natural or the result of magic, often kicks up huge clouds of the stuff, and more than one magic user has miscast a spell due to a mouthful of silt. Christie has learned to use this to her advantage, typically for defensive purposes, sneaking a quick invisibility and/or teleport spell in while it's hard to see her do so. Frequently, this manifests when an opponent thinks she has landed a devastating blow, only to find Christie is missing when the dust literally settles.

(Ok, I'm still not 100% on the rules, but I have some thoughts. I was thinking this is the sort of trick that only works so many times in one battle, depending on how potent we make it. If it is purely defensive (e.g. I declare I want to invoke this ability and give the next attack against me a penalty), then the number of times I can use it should be equal to my character's intelligence -5 or something like that, right? However, purely defensive abilities are boring! Right? Who actually wants more time where people stay clothed..? So, I was thinking this should be a "once per fight" kind of ability which allows the character to keep a damaged version of her undergarments when it's hit with an attack that would otherwise remove or destroy it. The article is basically a tattered rag providing a comical amount of cover and gets destroyed the next time it takes any damage. However, the resulting flurry of sand (a flurry summoned directly by Christie, if, say, the attack wasn't something like a giant ball of force) then grants the next attack against her opponent some kind of bonus, (maybe, once again, Int -5) to represent the surprise attack.

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Re: Character: Christie the Grey Witch

Post by Phantompen on Sun Jun 22, 2014 8:31 am

Very well done, as I'd figure. Just a thing or two to note, real quick.

The "Calculating(?)" skill is just fine, and this is likely the result of me not being entirely clear on the Character Sheet template, but your skill also grants your character another Stat point.
Now, typically, said stat point should go to a character's secondary stat, mainly to provide some balance and variety to their abilities. However, considering Christie's nature and status in the Enferia setting, plus the way the skill is described, I'd figure that would give her a +1 to Intelligence, boosting the stat to an impressive 9.
Since Christie is supposed to be an incredibly powerful witch, there's no complaint here in her having such a high Intelligence stat from the start.

The second thing to note is your Special Ability. I'd go ahead and say let's go with the second version you suggested. A piece of clothing is saved, but barely, and Christie gains a bonus to her next attack.


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