Leelan the Ranger.

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Leelan the Ranger.

Post by splotch on Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:05 pm

Appearance- Leelan has wild red hair, which curls around her face unto her shoulders. She has a youthful face, with large eyes and freckles. She is lean, with muscular arms and legs and a narrow strong belly. She has moderate breasts, B cups, and wide though bony hips. Her butt from years of walking and running down prey was muscular and stuck out a bit. She's a little short, at least when compared to the Elves she normally was around

Clothing- Leelan wears a green cloak with a hood to hide her hair when she's being stealthy. She. Under that she wears a green tunic with brown leggings. She has no jewelry though she wears a belt with many pouches, green knee high boots. Her underwear is the traditional elven style, a silky tank top over her breasts and a white silken skirt over her butt and crotch.

Weapons- Leelan's main weapon is a Elven crafted bow. She has a quiver full of arrows strapped to her back. At each hip she has a dagger, which is a master at both throwing and using hand to hand.

Leelan was a master of the Wilds. A ranger in the highest regard, she could hunt track and shoot as well as anyone. She could be completely silent in the woods. Though human, she was abandoned in the forest by her real parents. She was found and raised by the Elves, living as one of them for years. Eventually she decided to go forth to meet more humans, leaving the Elven woods. She headed towards Enferia.

In the forest near the capitol, Leelan met her first humans. Unfortunately, they were officer's of the Queen's army. When they saw the remains of a cooked deer which Leelan had hunted the day prior, they arrested her on spot for poaching in the Queen's forest! Leelan's ignorance to these laws was not a defense. In court she was offered two punishments: Twenty days in the dungeon or the Arena. Leelan could not bare to be away from the forest, locked in a cell for 20 days. Unfortunately she was not prepared for the exposures of the Arena. Her time with the Elves had made her modest, for all the Elves had near Angelic beauty, and she did not feel she compared to them. So Leelan had spent her life only being nude in absolute privacy. Now she may end up stripped for mass entertainment!


Silent Stalker- Leelan is completely silent when she wishes to be. If you're not looking at her it is almost impossible to detect her presence

Precise shot- Leelan is a master shot, having been trained by Elves, who are bow experts. She can shoot on the go, running and diving does not interfere with her, and hit a target at almost any range.

Wild acrobat- Leelan, from living among the trees for so long, has unbelievable grace. she can limb a tree in seconds, run down a deer through dense terrain, and escape from predators with incredible dodging.

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 10
Constitution: 9
Speed: 10

Wisdom: 5
Perception: 9
Intelligence: 4
Charisma: 4


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Re: Leelan the Ranger.

Post by Myds6 on Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:51 pm

Sometime I will get around to making this char...doesn't seem to be problematic.

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