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Hillevi, the Warbringer Empty Hillevi, the Warbringer

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Hillevi, the Warbringer

FACE: Hillevi has slightly slanted, dark brown, almost black eyes, pale skin, and a heart-shaped face.  She has a small mouth, and sharply arched eyebrows.  Once, when captured by a band of orcs, they pierced her septum with a ring.  She kept it as a reminder for herself, and to remind employers and enemies of the story of how she cut her way out of that orc camp alone, leaving none of her captors in less than three pieces.  Her face seems more innocent than her history or personality would lead you to believe.

HAIR:  Long, and dark brown, she wears it with a part on the right.  When she wore a helmet into combat, it was bound up in an arming cap, but her helmet and cap were lost in the skirmish that resulted in her capture, and Enferia didn’t replace them.

BODY: Her muscular soldier’s body is covered by a thick layer of chub, preventing her strength from causing her to be angular and defined.  It might just be genetic, or perhaps it’s all the drinking.  Still, she’s very strong.  Her backside is large and powerful, yet curvy, and her breasts are on the large side.  Aside from the orcs who once captured her, almost no one has seen her nude as an adult.  Perhaps that’s why she slaughtered her captors with such zest.

CLOTHES: Hillevi’s mercenary successes managed to earn her enough to have some custom armor made.  She doesn’t wear a complete harness, as it might inhibit her movement.  Her spiked boots were a prize from the orc war leader she killed, who turned out to have unexpectedly small feet, and wore this elaborate spiked footwear to prevent commentary on the matter.  Underneath the armor, or, when casual, Hillevi wears a dark turquoise tunic she had made to match the leather on her dagger.

BIO: As the only child in a family of shepherds, Hillevi’s parents hoped she would be a boy.  These expectations were not lost on her, and from childhood, every free moment was spent honing her martial arts.  At the same time, a rebellious streak made her interested in the art of cosmetics, and she developed her own makeup from the plants that grew around her home.  

When she rescued a noble whose carriage was attacked by bandits on the road near her village, she received a glaive and dagger as a gift, she began practicing until she mastered these tools.  The glaive was a terrifying thing the noble had given her from the armament of a guard that had been killed in the attack.  The dagger, barely a letter opener, but keen as keen could be, was clearly a noble’s sidearm, to be worn in court.  By this time, Hillevi was an adolescent, and things were turbulent at home, as they tend to be.

Many teens run away and nearly as many fall prey to thugs.  Hillevi, though, when she arrived at the nearest large city, bested the thugs that accosted her outside the walls.  A northern mercenary from a travelling band of militants saw the fight, and was impressed enough with her lightning fast and forceful glaive antics to mention it to his captain, earning her an “audition” of sorts.  Hillevi joined the Crimson Hammer mercenaries, and continued to impress on the first dozen missions.  That’s when their captain was pummeled by a hideous troll, and the-then 20 year-old became the leader of the Crimson Hammer.  Hillevi proved herself to be an extraordinary fighter and master tactician, earning fame for the group.  Five years later, their travels and jobs brought them to a neighboring kingdom where they fared poorly in a skirmish against the mighty Enferian guard.  The only survivor was the captain, who had no intention of being taken alive.  She put up an impressive fight, but the guards took her into custody.  It was decided her skills with weapons shouldn’t go to waste, nor should they be allowed to harm the people of Enferia.  Hence, she could only wield her weapons in the arena.  (Of course, that’s a bit of an oversight, as she’s extremely skilled in armed combat as well.)

As a veteran of many battles, Hillevi isn’t shaken easily by blood or gore; she’s seen more comrades fall than she cares to remember—in fact, that may be why she drinks copiously, both before her battles, and after.  But Enferia’s arena offers different stakes.  She’s confident she’s up to the challenge; after all, with her skills and experience, how could she lose?

Hillevi was known to her few friends as rather cold.  Her speech tends to be blunt, though not without cunning.  She doesn’t like to get too close to someone who might die in battle tomorrow or the next day.  She’s never had a romantic relationship her entire adult life, and has eschewed sex for the most part.  But all mercenaries admire how ruthless she can be when on a mission.  She’s willing to sacrifice for a successful end.  Her troops knew her as somewhat taciturn, and rather lacking in humor.  They understood how she came to be that way, but it’s a disconcerting trait in someone so young and pretty.

While drunkenness isn’t usually of aid to most warriors in battle, Hillevi has been described as a “berserker.”  The drink makes her more reckless, more courageous, and somehow, more powerful.  It is unknown where she learned to fight this way, but she keeps a small flask of brandy on hand at all times.  Any alcohol will work for her, she just prefers the brandy because she can have more for the size of the small flask.

Her name “Hillevi” means “happy at war” in the language of the northern people.  It’s unlikely that this was her given name, as most people suspect from her appearance and accent that she’s actually from lands to the south.  Inquiries as to her “real” name are met with anger, and deemed too dangerous to pursue.  But her name isn’t the only affectation she’s taken on, as she’s armed like those of the north as well.  At this point, it may not matter that she’s adopting another culture, because she’s been living it so long, it might as well be real.

Aside from battle and alcohol, she has a weakness for furry animals; but she remembers, just like humans, that they might not be her companions forever, so she keeps no pets.  Instead, she admires the animals she finds whether in nature, or on the street.

On the other hand, for some reason (likely her treatment at the hands of the orc band before her escape), she has an irrational hatred of demihumans.  How this spilled over to elves and halflings is unclear, but is hatred ever rational?


Commanding Presence: When fighting on a team, her presence give offensive and defensive rolls a +1.  The downside of this is that most enemies will understand she is the leader, and target her.
Feign Attack: If she misses on an attack roll, she gains a +1 on her next attack, since that was merely a fake attack to lower enemy defenses.  This does not stack.

The Best Defense: Her polearm attacks, when successful, have a 2 in 10 chance to knockdown.

Tactical Dogmatism:  She’s used to fighting trained warriors, and can predict how they will act based on the training they’ve received.  Of course, this can backfire with an untrained or otherwise unpredictable opponent.  Once a combat round, the player will write in parenthesis what she assumes her opponent will do the next round.  If the opponent does as predicted, she gains a +1 to defense.  If not, she gains a -1 to defend.

Two-Fisted Berserker: Hillevi comes into battle drunk; it’s part of her style.  If she manages to stop for a moment and have a drink, her stats change, Str and Con + 1 each, Wis and Perc -1 each.

Break the Seal: Not exactly a ‘power’ but her use of alcohol before a battle has a downside.  Every five rounds, there is a 50% chance she’ll be overcome by her need to urinate.  If she holds back, her rolls will be reduced by -1 each round.  Typically, she’d hack her way to a relatively private place and do what she needed to do, keeping her weapon at the ready.  In worst-case scenarios, she ended up wetting her armor, which was no shame on the battlefield, as there was so much blood and chaos, no one noticed.

Rolls: 10,6,7,3,2,10,7,7,6,4
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 7
Constitution: 6
Speed: 7

Wisdom: 6
Perception: 7
Intelligence: 10
Charisma: 4

Hillevi, the Warbringer Hillevi__the_warbringer_by_myds6-d9kkb2z
Hillevi, the Warbringer Hill002_by_myds6-d9kkbac

((OK, I wanted to make a new character, but I didn’t want to follow exactly in the footsteps of what’s here.  I wanted a) to make her a bit of a heel, since so many of the fighters here seem to have hidden hearts of gold, and b) give even a ruthless character some traits that might turn embarrassing  The writing isn’t up to par since I mostly did it at 5 AM.  What do you folks think?))

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