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Blanche, the Necromancer Empty Blanche, the Necromancer

Post by IGankMid on Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:15 pm

”If to die is but to sleep, then my mistress is the nightmare all must face.”

Name: Blanche, Herald of Damnation

Bio: The Plague of Pollia left only one survivor: a young girl whose name no one is alive to remember. The weak, emaciated girl was found at the plague’s end in her empty house by a single traveler in a black cloak. The traveler offered her food and water, but despite being on the brink of starvation, the girl refused to eat. She told the traveler that she was waiting for death, just like the plague’s victims.

The traveler smiled, lowered their hood, and told the girl that her wait was over.

Mask: As the herald of a power greater than herself, Blanche wears her Lady’s insignia: A mask fashioned from the front half of a human skull, covering her entire face. Despite her mouth and cheeks being covered by a stylized set of teeth, her voice is magically amplified and not hindered in the slightest. Only her ice-blue eyes can be seen. She’s never happy.

Hair: Blanche’s hair is white and wispy, coming down to between her shoulder blades. A few silver locks brush over her mask, while the rest hangs down around her head in an untamed veil of white.

Body Type: Blanche is skinny and with pale skin, as befits an agent of Death. She looks down on any woman who poisons themselves with too much food. Any kind of fat, after all, is a sign of decadence and wasted energy.

Of course, this means Blanche is a little on the short side for a woman in her twenties, and she is not particularly imposing. She lets her armor do that for her.

Bone Armor: Underneath her cloak, Blanche covers herself in a suit of armor strapped together from the bones of the Lich-Sorceress’s enemies. The bones coat her from head to toe in a ghastly shell of bleached white terror. The bones are of all different shapes and sizes, their original owners running from puppies to people.

Clothing: Barely visible through her network of bone armor is midnight blue leather clinging close to Blanche’s body. Hardened with spells and reinforced with skull-shaped buttons all down the front, it turns aside any swords and daggers that might find their way through her armor.

Abilities: Blanche is a generous sorceress: she takes life from the underserving and gives it to her favorite servants. She specializes in debilitating her opponents and giving their strength to her summoned monstrosities.

From Dust…: Blanche is strongest in places with a history of blood and death. With a word and a sprinkling of bone dust, she can bring back the remains of the departed as skeletons bursting from the soil.

…To Dust: Those that get too close to Blanche have their clothes fray and their weapons rust, if they are not resistant to magic or the ravages of time. Blanche herself is not excluded from this effect.

Siphon Life: Blanche can sap the spirit of any living creature, plants included. The closer they are, the stronger the link between them, and the weaker her foes become. She can then use their life to empower herself or her minions.

Ill News Makes an Ill Guest: If a person is around Blanche for too long, they fall victim to any number of debilitating diseases. Coughing, fever, shivering, you name it. Blanche hasn’t learned to control what kind of diseases she brings with her, but she doesn’t particularly care.

Kiss of Death: Exactly what it sounds like.

Spirits: Blanche can summon the souls of the deceased to fight for her as wraiths, ghosts and tricksy poltergeists. The more time she has to concentrate, the stronger the spirit can be. Given enough time she can even create a host body for it, ranging from weak skeletons (as mentioned above) to ghouls to the dreaded Reaper.


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