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Post by Myds6 on Sun Sep 04, 2016 5:12 am

Name: Emma Wanderfoot

Race: Half-Halfling (No, that does not make a quarterling)

Class: Mage

Face: Emma has curly brown hair. Her skin is white, her face has delicate features, and an upturned nose.  

Clothes: Emma loves pink.  She wears a fancy pink dress, with a pink wizard's robe over it, and a pointy witch cap.

Bio:  Emma became the first Halfling to graduate from the prestigious academy of prestidigitators known as Swinezits.  While she was at the top of her class, that great position she thought she'd land as some ruler's court wizard never materialized, leaving her deep in student debt.  After working several odd jobs that she felt beneath her for a year, she decided to willingly try her hand in the arena.  After all, she's a certified witch, with a diploma from Swinezits, what challenge can a few hedge mages and mercenaries offer her?

Emma is a know-it-all, always correcting everyone.  She knows many spells, and can cast them successfully, about 90% of the time.  That other 10%, they go horribly wrong for her.  Some people attribute her failures to her Halfling heritage.

Skills:  (The D10 here implies the spell was successfully cast, not that it affects the intended victim)

Thingum leviosa:  She can cause a person or object to levitate.  She must roll better than 1 on a D10.

Aguamente: Water shoots out of her wand.  She must roll better than 1 on a D10.

Colloportus: Locks a door.  She must roll better than 1 on a D10.

Confringo: Fireball.  She must roll better than 1 on a D10.

Diffindo: Splits seams.  She must roll better than 1 on a D10.

Engorgio: Enlarges and item.  She must roll better than 1 on a D10.

Finite Incantum: Stops any spells in effect.  She must roll better than 1 on a D10.

Levicorpus: Hangs victim upside-down by feet.  She must roll better than 1 on a D10.

Recudio: Makes an item smaller.  She must roll better than 1 on a D10.

Rictusempra: Tickles opponent.

Rolls: 1,9,10,1,4,5,4,1,5,6
Physical Stats:

Mental Stats:

Emma Wanderfoot Emma01_by_myds6-dagja0c
Emma Wanderfoot Emma02_by_myds6-dagja30

I wonder if anyone can guess the inspiration for this character?  Very Happy

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Post by splotch on Sun Sep 04, 2016 5:26 am

I think I got it Smile


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