Character: Raine the Sorceress

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Character: Raine the Sorceress

Post by Phantompen on Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:14 pm

Name: Raine

Race: Human

Face: Big blue eyes, a small nose, high cheekbones, and a pointed chin all framed within an elegantly thin face.

Hair: A deep scarlet red, cascading over her shoulders and halfway down her back.

Body type: 5'10", not toned, but healthy. An ample c-cup chest, flat belly, shapely hips and rear, and soft legs. A carefully groomed strip of red hair rests above her pink lower lips.

Bio: Not an Enferia native, Raine traveled to the realm with the dream of serving as court wizard to Queen Syndra. Little did the mage know that she was far from the only girl with such dreams, finding herself a mere drop in an ocean of candidates. Unwilling to let this deter her, Raine resolved to make a name for herself so that she might one day earn the station she so covets.

Upon learning of what defeat in the Arena entailed, Raine experienced considerable hesitation. While her body is nothing to be ashamed of, the spellcaster is terribly shy and gets weak-kneed at the mere thought of being exposed to so many people. Of course, this just meant she couldn't allow herself to lose.

Should she find herself stripped bare, Raine would quickly cease to be of any use in a fight. Her top priority would be to find a place to hide and get herself covered by any means necessary. She could be pushed into fighting through the embarrassment, assuming her allies or her own dignity demanded it.

Strength- 5
Dexterity- 6
Intelligence- 8
Traits/Skills/Special Abilities:

Abstract Thinker: Raine has studied all kinds of spells, and experimented a great deal. As such, the spellcaster is adept at combining different spells in unorthodox ways.

Flexible: While never particularly strong, Raine has always been surprisingly agile. The quiet spellcaster is excellent at maneuvering while grapped or in confined spaces.

Gravity Manipulation: While Raine normally relies on existing spells and unusual combinations, there is one particular ability of her own creation. With enough concentration, Raine can augment how gravity affects a person or item, causing it to either float upward or slam to the ground as if it weighed tons. Such an attack would be ideal for yanking off an opponent's equipment.


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