Important!- Game Mechanics Overhaul

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Important!- Game Mechanics Overhaul Empty Important!- Game Mechanics Overhaul

Post by Phantompen on Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:53 pm

No longer will character stats be necessary, nor rolls to determine the results of a combat action. From here on, things are going to be in the hands of the storyteller/gamemaster of each particular thread. They may employ their own methods for determining combat, whether it be a system of their own devising or simply a storyline to follow.

The hope is that this will both improve the speed of threads, as well as keep things from becoming terribly complicated. Character sheets that have already been made for the old system will remain untouched, to allow for characters to still be used and have reference material handy for GMs and other players. From here on, however, a character sheet needs only be a description of the character in terms of physical appearance, personality, and a -general- idea of their skills.


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