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Lovisa Warrior Of The Pride Empty Lovisa Warrior Of The Pride

Post by Percolator on Sun Dec 23, 2018 6:00 pm

Name : Lovisa
Race : Human
Gender : Woman
Class : Warrior who made a pact with the Demon of Pride
Age : 19 years

appearance : Lovisa got two appearance, The full pride appearance where she's a tall woman of 1m75, with tanned skin, athletic body with muscle, heavy breast (D cup) long blonde hair, shaved pussy, a big peacock head tattoo on the right cheek.
and her normal appearance where she's a short woman of 1m60, thin body with very little muscle, little breast (A cup) Messy blonde hair, big bush hiding her intimacy, a small peacock head tattoo on the thin right cheek. wear printed underwear and bras assorted who have the magical abilities to change of size with her wearer.

Stuff :
- Heavy armor of Hubris : Protect her beautiful body from attack
- Sword of Arrogance  : can be wielded only by a prideful person
- The Gauntlet of superiority : Absorb all pride, arrogance and Hubris from the target who's been gripped by the gauntlet to enforce his wielder.

Abilities :
Pride make me powerful ! : when she full of pride and hubris, Lovisa is powerful warrior who will break and shatter her opponent.
Fear, shame and prideless make weak ! : If ever Lovisa stop to be prideful, if she become subject of fear or shame, she will lost her power and begin to deflate like pierced balloon and regain her normale appearance.
Prideful aura : She can transform a part of her pride into an aura of pride. those who come near it must resist or kneel before Lovisa.

Story :
Lovisa was a small, weak but cunning and intelligent woman. She have a lot of pride but no strength or great fighting abilities. she trained herself during 4 years but she can't obtain what's her pride want : Become a powerful warrior. So she made a ritual to pass a pact with the demon of Pride Leona. The demon see all that pride into this young woman who need to be used. So she made a deal with Lovisa, in exchange of power, the young woman will fight for the Demon of Pride now with only rule, if you leave your pride, you lost your power.
Lovisa become a ferocious and beautiful woman with powerful armor and armament and skill to fight.
She came to Enferia to show to everyone who is the best warrior !

Stats- Pride Appearance
Strength- 10
Dexterity- 7                          
Speed- 5
Vitality- 10

Intelligence- 4                      
Wisdom- 4                          
Perception- 5                      
Charisma- 8                        

Stats- Normal Appearance
Strength- 4
Dexterity- 5
Speed- 5
Vitality- 5

Intelligence- 10
Wisdom- 7
Perception- 6
Charisma- 10

Here the picture I used for her normal appearance : Lovisa Warrior Of The Pride Za3c

And here and idea for the Prideful form : Lovisa Warrior Of The Pride Bi0q

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