Miryala, the Elven Avenger

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Miryala, the Elven Avenger

Post by Myds6 on Sun Jun 29, 2014 11:17 pm


Race: Elf

Face: Brown eyes, high cheekbones, the facepaint traditionally worn by a shaman of her tribe.  
Hair: Brunette, long, wavy.  (See picture at myds6.deviantart.com/art/Miryala-an-elven-warrior-464298686 )

Body Type: Miryala is strong, but the loss of her people hit her hard.  Some onlookers might say she has been drowning her sorrows in cake and whipped cream, but she would argue that being forced to live in cities among the human population and eat their un-nutritious food is what caused her weight gain the past few years.  Unusually heavy for an elf, her body is slightly chubby for a human, with large breasts, backside, and belly.

Bio: See below, because it's long.


*Avenger (+1 str when facing a non-elven mage)  
*Aequitas (+1 Str when facing an enemy with a higher strength score than she has)
*Veritas (rolled as an attack in combat or outside of it, allows Miryala to know if her opponent / conversation partner  believes what they are saying to be true-does not initiate combat)  

*Ancestral Blade—this longsword of elven make is unusually light, allowing its user to move quickly when used as their primary weapon (+1 dex)  
*Feign Attack: “I meant to do that” when a strike misses, Miryala has a small chance (20%) of a mulligan roll for that strike.

Bio: Miryala has come to Enferia because it is rumored that information can be bought here.  She has precious little to pay for it, however—she’ll have to rely on her skills with the blade to earn some money or information.  She’s looking for a lead on the odd group of masked mages and their army of mercenaries that destroyed her far-off homeland of Verdania while the elveswho lived there were celebrating a festival.  She blames herself for being away, exploring human cities and the sweet treats available there.  She imagines her swordsmanship could have turned the tide against the army of mages and mercenaries and saved her people.  In reality, the elves were so outnumbered and caught unprepared, if she had been home, she would have died with them.  The only survivor she found when she returned was a young girl (under a century old!) who had been hiding at the edge of the settlement when the attack happened.  When she told Miryala what she saw, the swordsman swore revenge.  The girl swore revenge as well, but Miryala told her to seek safety in the nearby castle of the closest human lord.  She accompanied her halfway there, then took a detour to a bad part of the city to look for those who might know who attacked her people and why.  The only lead she came across told her to seek information in Enferia.  Would she find what she was looking for, or was it a trap?
Miryala’s people were a proud Elven tribe with a rich culture, who called themselves “the Forest People” (Tuath Silvanan).  She proudly carries their traditions, even those she doesn’t quite understand, as the last representative of a once-proud tribe.  For example, she paints her face as their Shaman had, although that is a role she never held.

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Re: Miryala, the Elven Avenger

Post by Myds6 on Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:37 am

Stats update:
Rolls 10,10,8,10,10,10,4,8,10,1 (Wow, weird rolls, a little too good, but I went with them with characters where the rolls were a little too bad, so I guess this elven avenger is crazy good....)

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 8
Constitution: 10
Speed: 10

Wisdom: 8
Perception: 10
Intelligence: 10
Charisma: 10

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